Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nuffnang Blog Awards, Here I Come

Once again, Nuffnang Asia- Pacific Blog Awards 2011 is upon us. Basically, the Awards are a way to honour bloggers across the Asia- Pacific region. After nominations, voting and what not, the final end, the awards ceremony will be held in Malaysia , kind of like the Asia Pacific version of the Oscars!

And the night doesn't end there, there will be an after party at a secret location in KL! Oooh... intrigue much? Well, I am!

You get to nominate your favourite blogger or one you deemed has influenced you much!

The first Award Ceremony was held in Singapore about two years ago and based on the photos floating about cyberspace, one can only conclude that it is a 'MUST ATTEND' event. Well, at least ONCE a lifetime to walk the red carpet and brush shoulders with some famous people and about-to-be well known bloggers after the grand night.

I definitely regretted not making more effort then, in competitions and events organised by Nuffnang. But life's too short for regrets, right? So, here's my chance to try and see if I can attend this award!

Kenny Sia with Joanne Peh taken from Kenny Sia's blog.

The problem is, you can't buy tickets to this event like how you would go about purchasing tickets to the movies or to concerts. Just like everything else in the world whereby nothing comes easy, you'll have to earn a spot and there are only 500 spots available for both local Malaysian bloggers and foreign ones! Dang!

But fret not. There are ways to win invites to this event. One can either blog about ones journey with Nuffnang or one could simply just state the top 3 reasons why one MUST attend the Awards!

As I haven't actually been better acquainted with the Nuffnang blogging community much nor join in their events etc except winning a couple of free movie tickets and cashing out two cheques, I wouldn't say I've had much of a Nuffnang journey to talk about. Hence, I opt to state my top 3 reasons.

Hmmm... What would compel me to attend this event especially on the eve of my wedding??! Well, like I said, I've yet to know the blogging community in Nuffnang Malaysia in person. More or less, I have been following and reading their blogs, not religiously, but enough to know about them and what they let on in their blogs. Some of the bloggers do inspire me. Some with their wit, cutesieness and total human-ness.

If you really know me, I am an introverted talkative person. I am a pretty shy person (though most wouldn't believe it) and despite actually coming across FourFeetNine and her partner, TimothyTiah, I never had the guts to say 'hi' and ask for pictures with them.

So, it would be nice for a chance to meet them in person, take photos with them like a groupie would though I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan and well, overcome this awkward shyness that overtakes me when I actually do happen across any of the well known bloggers or people I know, in general. ;p

Besides that, it'll be nice to meet some Melbourne bloggers and who knows, get to know them better back where we live, in Melbourne! :)

Guess where this prestigious event is to be held at??? None other than the Grand Ballroom of Putrajaya Marriott! Marriott is a well known hotel and I am sure the food served will be top notched and so will the ceremony awards be! And if you know me, I have this thing for hotels. My mum usually will proceed to inform me that hotels are not the cleanest nor most hygienic place which won't sway me one bit!

If the entertainment of what the night will ensue is not enough, what's more, I am sure you'll get to eye many good looking chaps decked out in their suits whilst the ladies dress to kill in cocktail dresses as dress code for the evening is 'Formal'.

I was on Nuffnang Malaysia for the past few years but now that I've moved permanently to Melbourne, it was only fitting to migrate account to Nuffnang Australia. Besides, I will be back in Malaysia for my wedding then and this would make an awesome wedding present! ;p

As a foreign blogger (which I assume I should qualify since I am under Nuffnang Australia), if I win, I would be entitled to one free invite, a 3D2N stay at Putrajaya Marriott (have I mentioned that I LOVE staying in hotels and haven't had much opportunity to do??!) and an invite to an exclusive after party! So, tell me, if it was you, wouldn't you want such an opportunity?


I just realised after typing out this blog post that IF I win, I am only entitled ONE invite and not a pair! To go alone might not be as fun as having a friend, or most importantly, Mr. C! Now, I am torn. Let's just decide if I do win! Who knows, the organisers might be kind enough to give me a pair so that I can have a magnificent night before my wedding day! :)

No harm wishing and hoping eh.


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