Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leaving home for home

#1 On Emirates flying from Melbourne (now my home) back to Malaysia (where I used to call home where Mr. C forbids me from referring to as home anymore as Melbourne should be my home where he is at ;p )

#2 I have been sitting on AirAsia for the many times to and fro Australia and Malaysia that I felt totally 'pampered' on this trip back on Emirates especially when I saw the pillow and blanket! First thing I do is to scan the movie list. It was 4am in the morning and despite knowing how important sleep is as I would be having a really busy day once touched down, it did not deter me one bit from watching a movie.

#3 Although the pillow, blanket and movie list made me a happy camper, the food reminded me once again to the old, 'yer, airplane food sucks!' line. Basically, AirAsia's meal is waaaay tastier IMHO. What was good is that, at least you get water and juice and tea and coffee!
#4 Welcome back to Malaysia!! First thing that greeted me at KLIA was the icky toilet! Was rather surprised that the toilet at the International Airport was poorly maintained. Not only was the toilet dirty, it stank of dried urine!

#5 First Monday back, we had a Meal at home together. We had Roasted chicken bought from Carrefour at Tropicana City Mall with tomatoes and blanched brocolli with egg and bacon.

#6 Everytime I am back, I definitely have my Tom Yam Fried Rice fix at Taman Mayang. The Aunty still remembers that I will add a 'hor bao tan' (fried egg) and more Tom Yam paste (though most people would think the added Tom Yam flavour is too salty for them). :) I must say, it is nice to be remembered despite not being around for awhile. Can't say much about people who are supposedly closer to me but seem to forget my existence when I am not around. Oh well. Life.

#7 Went to Mid Valley with my mother and we had 'Yao Char Guai' with Soya Bean at I Love Yoo!. My mother was really happy with the black kopi which is rather unusual as she has super high standards.

#8 NEVER GO TO JOJO's for pan mee!! I went to the SS2 branch with my parents and the food was really bad (no offense meant). After consuming the noodles, I felt nauseous and unwell. In fact, I didn't even finish it! The mince pork was really sweet with the noodles just tasting alright.

The chilli wasn't anything to shout about leading to my question, "WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL GOING THERE?". Unless they have other better food which I doubt it. A few friends have even commented that the food is really bad at all branches as I thought perhaps it was only the SS2 branch that had bad food, leaving me and my tummy with an unfavourable experience.

Up to date, I've yet to satiate my Chilli Pan Mee cravings! Face-to-face, HERE I COME!!
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