Monday, November 2, 2009


SOMETHING ABOUT ME: Strange as it may sound to those who know me, I've had this sort of dream to be a bar tender, the kind that mixes all kinds of snazzy drinks for people. Well, that once upon a time.


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Often times, people say hurtful things. Especially when they are hurt or angry.

We're very good at hurting people. It's like human nature to be hurtful to those closest to one.

But just because you are hurting over something, it doesn't give you ANY right to inflict the hurt onto others. I learnt my lesson in the past, to hold my tongue and not lash back but you know what? Who cares about my feelings if you don't, right? You don't even keep to your word!

People have feelings as you so adequately pointed out. So, remember that. Remember that I have feelings, too.

And there is only so much one can take in one's lifetime. Sometimes, it feels as if you get away with everything while I get penalised for everything.

What do you have to go through or suffer through? You're only living for yourself. No one else but yourself. Maybe that's how you'll like it to be. I thought you were different. I never thought that you could be this selfish, thinking of you- yourself.

I thought I mattered.

I gave you everything and for what? For this?

And you DON'T get to use or bring up about what I tell you in confidence at this point.

If you want to fight, at least have the dignity not to fight dirty.

Cos that should be beneath you.

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