Monday, November 2, 2009

One small step by Raj Sathia

I hope my friend doesn't mind this. He wrote a poem and I felt that it was simple and yet pretty good. Something worth sharing. Do provide feedback on the poem k. Most of us would definitely want that pill!!

Let me take you by the hand
Lead you into a new, stange land
A land where rules are but a joke
A land where words don't sting, but poke
All I need from you is your trust
And a pledge to do whatever you must.

Let go of all you knew before
Blur the boundaries between fact and lore
Come in, my child, we cannot be seen
Step away from a world so mean
And come to a place where happiness lingers
Instead of being just outside your fingers.

The steps are easy, the journey tough
The path is simple, the adventure rough
You'll need to leave it all behind
Everything, including your sense of time
For in this world, we measure nothing
We just take each gift the Gods keep giving

It cannot be visualised, nor explained
You have to be there, simple and plain
Forget problems, stress, and all the pain
Useless negativity with nothing to gain
Follow me, leave behind all that feels so wrong
And step through a door that's been there all along

All you need to do, my child
Is take this pill, and then go wild
The images it unleases are beyond mere words
You'll be soaring higher than a flock of birds
Never again know the meaning of "can't"
As you can be anyone and do anything you want

One pill, that's it, that's all it takes
Be thoroughly amazed at the difference it makes
I'm offering it to you, today, for free
For I believe you're worth more than they see
Your pain, my child, will hurt no longer
As you watch your life change forever.

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