Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Challenge: Day 11 - Day 15

Day 11 - Your Siblings
I have an elder sister, Ruth who is four years older than me followed by my older brother, Sam who is at least one head taller and two years older. We were all born in the month of November, just days to a week apart and all thanks to my parents awesome planning!

All three of us have super different temperaments.

My sister -the phlegmatic, sanguine- is the talented musician/writer but slacker in household chores and hygiene. She is the eldest but behaves like the youngest, at times. She loves to manja (act all cutesie) with me although I think it should be the other way round. Her weakness involves anything to do with meat and her dislikes are fish and banana. Never get in her way when she suffers from hungry pangs are face her wrath.

My brother, on the other hand -a phlegmatic, melancholic- is one sleepy head who has always been known to be the Computer guy and for his height. People always ask him what he eats or if he eats taugeh (beansprout) or if he plays basketball and the answer to all these questions are simply NO. Somewhat a perfectionist who thinks a lot- in his head- that's for sure! A quiet guy but talks loads once you get to know him better.

Day 12 - What's in your bag
Wahahaha.. Mr. C complains constantly that he needs to vet my bag before we leave the house as it is always packed with 1001 things.

Let's see what's inside...
1) Wallet - which has only a miserable AUD5 note, some coins and cards, vouchers for Buy1 free1 specials, IC and driving license.
2) A mirror - in case I try on any clothes and wish to see how it looks on me from all angles. Yeah, I know I never used to be this vain.
3) My Sony Ericson K810i - After jinxing myself since 2008 whereby my hand phones keeps getting stolen, I have been using hand-me-down phones. Waiting for the new HTC Desire to come out next month. Wheee...
4) Passport - Since IC aka Malaysia MyKad and driving license is kinda redundant here, this is my proof of identification.
5) Keys - To the house, car and to the swimming pool.
6) A novel by Stephanie Laurens - there's always a reading material in my bag to entertain me whilst I wait for Mr. C.
7) Pen - To write down my contact details for hunks! Shhhh..... KIDDING la!
8) Readers Digest
9) Blue Ribbon - My lomo camera awaiting a good moment to be captured.
10) Notebook - To jot down things-to-do and any other miscellaneous info.
11) Anti-allergy pills - Zyrtec's the current fav. Ever since my hives started in May, I have been stuck eating this crummy medicine every alternate day. I wonder when the allergies will truly go away and stay away.
12) Sunnies - You can never go around Australia without this, well, most times or be blinded by the awesome glare from the sun.

Day 13 - This week
This week has been a pretty much laid back week. It's time to snap out of it and start planning and executing my list of things-to-do. So far, step 1 is settled. Time to move on to the next step. Curious as to what I am referring to?? Well, all this will be revealed in due time.

Day 14- What you wore today

Blue is the new black!! Woohoo!!

Day 15 - Your Dreams
I've had thousand and one dreams and none attainable in the foreseable future unless I strike the million dollar lottery. When I was young and into Sherlock Holmes, Law and Order, I wanted to be a private investigator or a lawyer. As I grew up and watched ER and read Ben Carson's biography, it inspired me to be a doctor.

However, with my average grades, none of the above made sense and with my penchant for reading books after books, I dreamed to be an author one day. To write my version of Twilight or Harry Potter that will hurl me to stardom. Along the way, as I grew older and went to university, my heart went out to the old and the young.

I had this conversation with a friend that worried me about elderly parents being sent to old folk's home. My friend said that when he was old, he wouldn't blame his children if they sent him to an old folk's home. To me, that was preposterous and outrageous! After years of toiling to raise their children, they are cast aside, forgotten and all because they are deemed an inconvenience, a hassle? It's despicable!

This lead me to dream of having a home or a centre for the old where they come for the day whilst their children go to work. At the same time, next door would be a day care for the young. Everyday, there will be some time set aside for both the young and the old to interact. The old can do with some young blood to keep them young whilst the young can be thought a lesson or two by the elderly. Respecting one's elder is important and should never be forgotten. Ever!

At the same time, juvenile delinquents are on the rise due to social problems caused mainly by the breakdown in families spurring yet another dream of having a centre for them, too. They will help out with the old and young homes, cleaning and washing as a form of earning their keep. A place to hang out and belong.

Besides those dreams, I also had a vision, a dream of having my own wedding business whereby I would provide bridal gowns, groom's suit, cards, cakes, rings and everything involved. Some of the gowns, cards and rings will be my own designed. Oh well, it's good for one to dream. To dream is to keep one alive in some sense.

As I 'grew up' and went to work in the professional world, I realised that we invest so much of our time stuck in the office, in KL's infamous jams, working our asses off and not being able to meet genuine and sincere people out of our profession and there were many single and eligible young people who were looking for their potential other half.

I had yet another dream to have a cafe like shop whereby I would conduct something similar to a dating agency. Everday, the shop will have a different theme- one day might be speed dating and the next, board games. Perhaps another night would be dancing nite or another, live band with some get-to-know-you games. Any activities that can stimulate healthy friendship that may lead to potential romance will be carried out. Not any Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to come. It will be referrals- by word of mouth. I would pool all my friends and their single friends and a sum would be charged. Of course, food and drinks would be provided. Sounds like a genius plan to me as there are many looking for serious and genuine friendship AND romantic relationship.

My dreams are aplenty but realising them is another story.


gillian said...

Waiting for Desire HD rite? Not Desire =) if it is Desire HD most likely we will b having the same fon...hehe

goingkookies said...

Gillian: OMG!!! U re getting that?? I am waiting for the phone to come out next month to see what plans they have and if I like the feel.

Hear the HD2 one battery life is short.. and comments?? Malaysia already has the Desire HD one?

gillian said...

Waiting for desire HD to launch in Malaysia..asked the shops and they said most likely end of next month..but will wait for maxis as well...

HD2 OS is windows mobile...i'm looking at android..wanna try something new...been using windows mobile for the last 3yrs +..
batt capacity for HD2 & desire hd r the same... so i guess it depends on how u use and etc...

U want u can have a look at desire z...