Friday, October 22, 2010

Swimming my fats away

After days of raining cats and dogs this Spring, it started to be all sunny skies and clear weather. The birds singing. The flowers blooming. Finally. And after torturing myself seeing pretty girls after pretty skinny girls on FB since I am so free being unemployed, I decided to go swimming!

Swimming to burn my fats away. Hopefully I can burn 10kgs by end of this year. Then again, that's rather wishful and yet ridiculous thinking. I walked over to the other side of where I am currently living and was greeted by this awesome view.

Lo and behold, the pool was empty. Ideal for me. I wouldn't want to go to the pool with any hot dude lounging about to catch any view of my elephant thighs. Shrudder at the very thought.

Whoa.. the pool sure opens pretty early as opposed to the ones in Malaysia. Crap. I don't think I would be able to perform CPR at all if the need ever arises. God forbid! Hmmm... unless it's a super handsome guy, I'll sacrifice for him! =p

All in all, I rather swim laps then jog anytime! Besides, I can't jog. The most, I am able to brisk walk and that's it. Jogging for even 10 seconds is enough to kill me. Seriously. However, as much as I like to swim and swim faster, I still swim like a turtle. Truly. I never knew how to swim till in Uni years when Mr. C taught me the breast stroke, the only stroke I know for now.

Yesterday, Mr. C took me swimming too and it's left me happier since coming back here and today is no different. I feel happy and ready to take on the world. Well, somewhat. =p

Walking back home, I was given a glimpse of the moon at 6pm.

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ken said...

i rather swim than jog too! :)

JC said...

So are you now back in Malaysia or in Melbourne? Anyway, it's good that you know how to swim, at least it's a kind of sport =)

goingkookies said...

Ken: haha... welcome to the club!

JC: I am now in Brisbane, Australia. =) haha.. yes and swimming seems to make me happy... wheeee