Friday, October 29, 2010

Challenge: Day 21 - Day 25

Day 21 – Another moment

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I wonder how I let that moment happened and I do wonder if it meant to you anything at all. Or if it meant to you even a smidgen bit what it meant to me. It messed everything up and yet made everything all right. Not the most ideal of situations but the moment just happened. Most importantly, for some insane reasons, we let it happened. I wish to erase it but it is always there. Perhaps in time, it will fade.

Day 22 – Something that upsets you
When some one says one thing but means something else.
When some one uses another person.
When a good person is taken advantage of.
When I plan to do things but I procrastinate and never get them done.
When people are insincere and fake.

When people stick their nosy heads into your butt.
When people are condescending and patronising.
When people are inconsiderate of other people's feelings, time and everything!
When a person is wrong and refuses to admit his/her shortcomings.
When an asshole driver cuts out suddenly without warning.
Or when he decides to be 'courteous' and signal LAST minutely.
Or when a stupid driver decides to jam the whole frigging roundabout by not giving way.
Or when an annoying driver stops in a yellow box restricting others access.

Tell me WHAT doesn't annoy me, man... =p

Day 23 – Something that makes you feel better
Tim tams.
Bubble tea.
Arnott's custard cream biscuits.

Hehe. Besides that, I have to say that HUGS mean a lot. Hugs are really a big thing to me. Kisses and all I can live without IF I really had to choose but hugs... definitely can't live without it. It warms the cockles of my heart. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's as if everything will be alright even though if everything's going wrong just right then, all at the same time.

Taken from HERE.

It makes a world of difference when you're down- upset about life, work, relationships- and someone hugs you, saying that everything is going to work out somehow. And right then, you do feel that somehow, things will really be alright.

Day 24 – Something that makes you cry
When I've stubbed my toe or smacked my hand somewhere.
Or when I banged my hips or legs and it hurts like crazy.

Picture taken from HERE.

Or when I had to say goodbye to Mr. C when he first left in 2006 to Brisbane for his studies.
Or the time when I was a little girl and had to get my tooth extracted.
Or when we exchange harsh and hurtful words.
Or when the Beast "died" in Beauty and the Beast.
Or when I had to leave everyone behind...
The list is endless.

Day 25 – A first

Picture taken from HERE.

A first kiss.
A first 'hello'.
A first time travelling overseas on my own.
A first time going on a trip with friends.
A first time driving illegally with a certain pothead.
A first driving up and down Genting Highlands in my manual Edward.

and hopefully what's to come...

A first marriage and hopefully the ONLY one. =p
A first child. Preferbly a boy.
A first job here in Brisbane.
A first car.
I would love a BMW M3 but I would be practical,
and settle for a Honda Civic perhaps.
A first house.
Which will be filled with two doggies- both retriever-
one labrador, the other golden.

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