Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goodbye to the land of smiles

And so, today, we bade farewell to Bangkok. I was taken aback by the lack of warmth and hospitality of the workers at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thanks to Mr. C's gancheong spider (a Singapore expression of an anxious person) dad, we were two hours early. Mr. C and I were lounging around waiting for boarding time.

I was bored witless and dragged him to go coffee hunting with me. Perhaps a nice cup of coffee will help time to fly by. Instead, we were given a mini nasty experience. We saw a sign outside the Black Canyon Coffee shop that was in Thai words implying a 'Buy 1 free 1' promotion and decided to ask the workers about it.

One gestured towards the cashier. Perhaps she didn't know much English, undaunted we headed towards the cashier and inquired. The other two did not even have the courtesy to look at us whilst replying rudely that there is No promotion and mumbled something about AIS card.

We gathered she meant that only those with that card are eligible for the promotion. Here I though that Thailand was the land of smiles or rather, they've prided to be so for many years and generally, the people are really smiley and courteous- except for those at the airport. Even Mr. C's mother had a similar bitter-taste-in-the-mouth experience at the Boots counter.

I think if we were ang mohs (hokkien for whites), they would have been nicer to us.

Oh well, in every country, there will always be some with bad manners.

In all my time travelling with Air Asia, this is the only trip that I experienced a delay whilst departing from KL and today itself. We were supposed to depart at 3.15pm but ended up taking off close to 3.40pm. The runway was definitely having a busy day. We had two planes taking off ahead of us and three waiting patiently for their turn after us.

The view of the airport as we take off was a must to take. Hence, I sneakily turn on my worn out Canon Ixus 100is and happily snapped away, capturing a few beautiful shots.

It is definitely easier to capture better pictures with better lighting. One day, I really hope to be able to take pictures that people will think is worthy to pay bucket loads of money for.

As we say goodbye to Bangkok, reality slowly creeps back. Soon, I will have to say goodbye again.

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ErikaToh said...

Wow, nice! xD

goingkookies said...

yup yup.. the pictures? =)

Have you been to Thailand?

melmonica said...

Syiok! Too bad I haven't been to Thailand T__T

goingkookies said...

melmonica: u should go one day.. Airasia makes it affordable.. even so when u can get zero airfare both ways.. so u just have to pay for the tax