Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rocklea Markets weekend jaunt

Last Saturday, Mr. C and I woke up early and headed to Rocklea Markets which is located at Brisbane Markets area. The markets were buzzing with activities. Families and couples, young and old throng the place.
There are plenty of stalls ranging from those that sold fruits to vegetables to flowers and plants to breakfast stalls and the list just goes on. It is to navigate around the stalls as they're mostly arranged neatly in rows. Definitely easier to breathe than Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand. Then again, that one is more of a flea market with all kinds of trinkets.

I was a little bit disappointed despite going there with no expectations. I guess I was hoping to see more interesting and quaint stalls like those at Eumundi Market previously blogged HERE, but Mr. C said they usually have those at the flea markets and bazaars where else Rocklea Market caters more to the community who are there for the reasonably priced food.

And we definitely had value for our money. We spent approximately AUD5 for two pears, two apples, a half cabbage and a lobak (radish)! Probably saved half of what we would have spent at Woolies or IGA.
There were several stalls that served food such as the above. AUD7.50 for two eggs, two bacon, onions and a flat tasting sausage. Pay extra AUD2 and you'll get orange juice.

Mr. C, however was craving for some German sausages and I must say they tasted pretty good. The smell assaulted our sense even before we passed the stall! His sausages were pricey but definitely worth it- juicy, cheesy, tasty and succulent! I gave him my eggs and bread whilst he offered me several servings of his oh-so-delicious sausages.

The market was mostly made up of fruits and vegetable stalls.

Look at how HUGE the mushrooms were as compared to the average sized lemons.

Plants were sold as the above.
You can buy them and plant your own vegetable farm!

I was amused by this display of doggie treats.

The market was packed with adults and kids alike.

It's currently mango season here in Brisbane but even then, it can be rather pricy. This is the cheapest I've seen so far but the mangoes have to be consumed within a day or two as they're soft and fully ripe.

Aussies seem to fancy this sweets. Just looking at it gives me diabetes.
Ok. I exagerate. =p

GUESS WHAT??!!! In Malaysia, I get my eyebrows threaded for ONLY RM5 at an Indian shop in Bangsar. When I first came to Australia, as I walked the malls and saw that waxing or threading the brows cost AUD35, I had heart palpitations.

But fret not, for now, whenever my bushy eyebrows grow out of shape despite my terrible maintaining skills, I know where to go. I'll just head over to Rocklea Markets for my grocery shopping AND get my brows threaded and for ONLY AUD5!!

Only thing missing is my eyebrow-threading-companion, Camz. Wonder how is she getting hers done in the land of the Merlion!

Mr. C and I were parched after our hearty breakfast and had a cup of orange juice. As we walked the market, our tongues were feeling dry and we bought our second cup from the above shop. This shop's orange juice is better! It feels fresher and sweeter as opposed to the other shop that had some weird taste.
Flowers on our way out...

Pay AUD for entrance fee.
So, see you Rocklea Market in a month's time when my brows are in dire need of upkeeping!

Market is open every Saturday, 6am - 12pm.
It is AT Brisbane MarketPlace, 250 Sherwood Road, Rocklea.

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