Sunday, April 4, 2010

Journey in life

Pic taken from HERE.

You reached this junction in life,

And you wonder where you are, and what's next.

You thought that by now, at this point,

You'll at least have things figured out.

But all you feel is that you're drowning,
Drowning in a pool of uncertainties,
Drowning in a sea of desperation,

Knowing no where to swim to safety.

Where's the life guard?

Where's the safety jacket?

Where is the lighthouse to guide you to shore?
Where is the helping hand to pull you out of it all?

Til you decide your future,
Where and how you want it to be,

If you persist in living in your past or other people's past,

You will never move on but be stuck in the present.

A present of uncertainties.
Uncertainties leading to a life of misery.
When it need not have to be,
But you conditioned yourself to be.

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