Friday, April 2, 2010

Pacific Coffee Company @ Puchong IOI Boulevard

Few weeks back, I tagged along after my brother whilst he did his part time freelance job. One of the places we went to was this coffee place named Pacific Coffee Company which was at Puchong IOI Boulevard!

The ambience is nice. Very inviting. I could just curl up at a corner and be contented with a nice cup of coffee and a book to pass time. It was a very spacious outlet probably double the Starbucks' at Centrepoint.

The workers were friendly. But prices of the drink are somewhat in the similar range as Starbucks. I mean, for Starbucks, they are pretty much well established where else for this place, they're just starting out and in Puchong area??! Only time will tell how well they will fare.

Near the main entrance where my brother and I made ourselves comfy.

That's my brother on my right and the main entrance behind him. My lil trusted lappie and my mango ice blended drink!

So, if you're looking for a different scene with ample sitting space to just chill and hang out with your friends, why not try out the Pacific Coffee Company? I haven't tried their coffee drink yet, hence, can't recommend anything.

I would have preferred the mango drink to be less sweet and more tangy. But then, that's just me! My brother rather liked the taste of the drink. It was something different.

This is just my humble opinion and not an advert. I dream for the day that someone invites me to write adverts for them. =p

I didn't even get a free drink. In fact, I donated my Aussie gossip magazine to the shop with a hot looking Jeniffer Anniston on the front page! =p

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