Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are you male or female?

I used to think that girls are well, girls. Girls are generally known to be clean, tidy, neat, hygienic etc. But it would seem that these days, girls or women in general can be a rather icky bunch. Not all, though. Thank God!

You see, in my previous firm, an international firm, mind you. A Partner from the other audit department that shares the same floor as my audit department sent out an email which was forwarded to all the ladies of my floor in regards to toilet seat.

It appeared that there was a culprit leaving behind shoe prints on the white, pristine supposedly clean seat. And after the incident being repeated several times, the Partner just beh tahan (hokkien slang for cannot stand) such disgusting habit and sent out an email to reprimand ALL ladies of that floor.

To begin with, WE are professional, working ladies FROM an international firm. Why behave as if one is from some ulu (malay word for godforsaken place) God-knows-where place? Secondly, there are abundant of tissues in the cubicle itself. Why not wipe the seats, line them with LOADs of tissue, then sit and go about one's business?

Which brings me to another toilet with such awesome occupants. Several weeks back, when I had to use the loo at Centrepoint, I just had to take the below picture to illustrate my point.

Look at the smudges of someone leaving behind their shoe print.

Why not make use of the tissue that is there??!!

And line the seat??!!

So, ladies, in future, PLEASE don't be disgusting. BE considerate to the next user after you.

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Vince G said...

What to do? Malaysian mentality is such. Guys restrooms are MUCH more horrendous!

Unknown said...

I freaking hate dirty seat. I guess only Malaysia got this prob.

goingkookies said...

vin tsen gan: yeah.. but we kind of expect majority of guys to simply shoot around..

but girls?? u expect them to be more "clean".

super chao: 3rd world countries probably have worst ones.. we never know til we go there =)

King said...

What to do? Malaysian mentality is such. Guys restrooms are MUCH more horrendous!

Anonymous said...

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