Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why? Why? Tell me why.

Is it a smile? A gesture? Sweet words?

Why does your heart skip a beat? Where do butterflies flutter from in the pits of your stomach? Why do you sigh when you think of that person? What brings on that smile and glow when thoughts of that person enters your mind?

And with that said, why does your heart no longer skip nor do butterflies flutter? Instead of a happy sigh you now tsk in annoyance. Instead of a smile, I see you frown.

What makes rational people behave irrationally? What makes a sane person do the stupidest thing ever? What makes a good person turn bad? What makes one choose a course that alters the whole direction of one's journey?

Do we ever really know why we do what we do?

Or do we just go with the motion and do what is expected, what is right, what we should do?
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Kelvin said...

Once u get used to someone, u will suddenly find the thing they do not suited to ur taste/thinking.

Kim L. said...

I always seem to come here when you're talking about emotional stuff.
I think sometimes you have to let go of petty stuff n look at the bigger picture.

Anyway came over to tell you thatyou've won my giveaway. Contact me asap please. Something to cheer you up.

goingkookies said...

kelvin : not necessarily.. lol..

kim l : haha.. but i wasn't emo ing.. was trying to write something reflectively.. and this was in my draft for awhile.. thanks!! shall contact u soon!!

Anonymous said...

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