Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cupcakes and frosting

Ever since I came upon Penny's blog at (she was Nuffnang Australia's September featured blogger) and her cupcake recipe, I've been dying to try my hand at it. Unfortunately, Miss Laziness and Miss Procrastination came for a very long visit.

FINALLY, Mr. Assertive, fed up with both Miss Laziness and Miss Procrastination, shooed them both out for the day and I got myself busy in the kitchen. :)

The recipe for WHITE VANILLA CUPCAKE WITH VANILLA FROSTING was taken from and adapted at the end due to some unforeseen circumstances.

I was a little bit confused as her recipe said to separate the eggs but she didn't mentioned to mix which part in. So, after separating eggs to only realised that I have no idea which to use, I ended up dumping both in, wasting my effort to separate them in the very first place!

Everything else was pretty easy to follow except when it came to the frosting bit.

I bought DARK chocolate instead of WHITE chocolate as per her instructions. Not sure how it slipped my mind. Maybe it's because I tend to associate chocolate with brown colour? Lol. Anyways, I decided to use the dark chocolate I bought. As I was heating it in a pan to melt it, somehow, I burnt it. You could smell the burnt charcoal and even then, I wasn't 100% sure that the 'melted' chocolate was burnt at first.

But after stirring it, the texture was lumpy, dark and harden rendering it pretty much useless and not usable driving me into a 'I-am-such-a-failure' mode. Don't ask me why, I just did. I mean, when you look at the picture above seeing how instead of a nice, creamy, chocolatey texture, you see something similar to shit, wouldn't you be as annoyed with self as I was? Then again, maybe it's just weirdo me. ;p

So, here I was feeling sorry for myself and announcing it on Plurk when a light bulb appeared. Well, not an actual light bulb, silly you rather I had the idea to just improvise and use peanut butter as a substitute.

The cupcake looked pretty bare fresh out from the oven but after lining the top with my super yum but a tad too sweet peanut butter frosting and some decorations, I must say, the cupcakes actually looked good. Even good enough to sell IMHO!
Haven't tasted it yet though. Looks too yum and cute making me reluctant to take a bite! Sounds silly eh. Gave a box with three cupcakes to Mr. Landlord and his lady wife. Hope they like them! Going to give another box to my KuKu tomorrow though I am not sure what is his stand on cupcakes and cakes in general. Oh well, shall find out tomorrow.

Cute right?

The ending picture of how the cupcakes turned out in the end coupled with my Sugi cakes that turned out just right cheered me up tremendously.

Lesson learnt : Don't give up so fast and don't fret easily. Calm oneself and think of the alternatives and make use what one might have at hand. :) All is not lost when one just takes a moment to contemplate, plan and execute then to react in a negative way.

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Kathlynn said...

cupcake is really toooooo cute to eat! looks yummers! when i drop by melb, you bake for me ya! :)

goingkookies said...

Kathlynn : haha but the base not that nice wor.. too compact. do you have any cupcakes to recommend? Which reminds me, should go to your blog and hunt for recipes to try.

btw, if you are ever in Melb and need a place to crash, do PM me k. :)

Kathlynn said...

lol. for simple cupcake recipe, i use the 8oz or 6 oz rules. simple & nice.

for toppings, i have not successfully tried anyones good enough to recommend yet, but the recipe you post above sounds delish!

no worries, our accom in melb is settled, thanks much for offerin, but lets c if i will bump into you! :)

Kathlynn said...

esther, i know what went wrong with the topping. you may want to try the bain marie method to melt the choc rather than direct heat, so that the choc dun burn...

goingkookies said...

roger that on the bainmarie!!

yeah.. a friend just FB msged me that.. lol.

haha when will u in melb? lol. u prolly won't bump into me unless we plan to bump into each other. hehe.