Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nuffnang : Streetdance 2 in 3D

Remember how I joined a Nuffnang competition regarding the movie, OUR IDIOT BROTHER many Thursdays ago? Well, good news is that I cinched myself and Mr. C a pair of Gold tickets.  Bad news? Anticipated like crazy over the upcoming Gold Class experience only to get the dates mixed up with us both missing the whole thing altogether! Bummer right?

Well, fret not. Nuffnang Australia is back once again with yet another private, pre-release movie screening courtesy of Hoyts Distribution for their Melbourne and Sydney bloggers!

And guess what movie it is????





And have I ever mentioned before how much I LOOOOOVE dance movies??!! Honey 1 & 2. Step up 1, 2 and 3. Footloose. Save the last dance. Stomp the yard. Coyote Ugly. You got Served. You name it, chances are, I've seen it, and if I haven't, I will! ;)

In a nutshell, Streetdance 2 is about a streetdancer Ash (Falk Hentshel) who goes all over Europe, rounding up the greatest streetdancers in a bid to beat the world's best dance crew. Add in his new found friend, Eddie (George Sampson) and gorgeous love interest, Eva (Sofia Boutella), a salsa dancer.... you have a must watch movie!!

It may sound predictable and a tad too mundane for some of you action/horror/thriller/twisty plot loving people but check out the trailer and tell me if the dance moves are AMAZING!! I watched the trailer and it sink the deal for me. I just have to watch this show. 

Excited now aren't you after watching the trailer? Even if you're not, admit it, the dance moves are pretty smooth and awesome. Streetdance 2 will be released in Australian theatres on 19th April 2012. Don't forget to catch the movie at your nearest Hoyts and check out their Xtremescreen, Director's Suite and the Bean Bag Cinema!

So, thank you (in advance) Nuffnang Australia and Hoyts Distribution for giving me, and Mr. C (my plus one... poor guy, not his kind of movie but for me and free tickets, he'll come along and enjoy it.. LOL) this wonderful opportunity to watch a FREE, dance movie at Hoyt's Director's Suite in Melbourne Central!


♥ vey said...

i love honey too! that's the first dance movie i watched which got me hooked. remember, its 16th april, 6pm at melb central! :P

goingkookies said...

vey : ya!! same!! and they make the dance moves look so smooth and easy.. lol!

haha.. thanks for the reminder!! need to write it down somewhere.. ;p