Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Eeyore

Something silly happened earlier in the afternoon. Small matter but yet, silly.Leading to something within me to snap. Tears trickled down my cheek bones and for the life of me, I have no idea why. It can't be because of the silly thing now, can it? I just got my days mixed up and missed out on a good deal but that's it. Nothing major worth tears over.

Funny thing is that, since then, I feel so low. My emotions are in turmoil. I feel aimless, lost and dejected. 

Went out to Stud Park Shopping Centre for a walk but it didn't lift my spirits. Not one bit. 

Instead, it felt like I was walking without an aim. Then again, my days have been just that, aimless. My body was walking but I wasn't there. Even to walk was a trial. 

Headed to the library and found some books. Perhaps, reading might do me some good. I went to the library thinking to borrow some Accounting/Finance books to brush up but look what I walked out with... books that don't benefit my redundant brain.

Today is probably the lowest I've ever felt this year and I hope the feeling isn't here to stay. Wouldn't want to be a wet blanket when my friends are here for a visit.
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♥ vey said...

it's just part of the wonderful thing women like to call pms. i shit you not. it fs with our emotions. cheer up! choc helps.

goingkookies said...

vwy : lol.. ya.. thanks!!