Friday, July 8, 2011

Last Friday : Part 1

So last Friday, I mentioned that I was going for my first AFL match at Etihad Stadium. It was a really interesting and educational match despite it not being a big match with bigger, more famous teams playing ie Collingwood or Essendon.

Before the match, we - Mr. C, his two colleagues, JC and JS - went to yet another Malaysian eatery at Clayton, Kota Roya. It was the first time for Mr. C and I, so definitely we (more of me) were curious how our meal will turn out.

I love the fact that they serve FREE crackers!

Pretty simple and cosy interior but the funny plastic thing draped over the table clothe was a little tacky and annoying.

JC's hokkien mee

JS and my (each had our own, in case you were wondering) yum Sau Hor Fan... otherwise known as Wah Tan Hor.
Looked simple and small portion but at the end of the meal, I felt rather filled up!

Mr. C's curry laksa... I didn't fancy it as opposed to Old Town's and Laksa King's

The food was only so-so for me. I wouldn't scramble to come back here anytime soon. If I crave Asian food, I'll still head to Glen Waverly instead.

And finally, we reached Etihad Stadium, at the edge of city in Docklands. Because the free tickets we had were corporate ones, we didn't had to go to the 'normal' people entrance, instead, we could go straight through to the 'VIP' entrance, with no queue etc.

Us, trying to contain our excitement. Watching the match on tivo and watching it live in the flesh is EXTREMELY different! Take me to the match anyday, anytime, and I'll go. Where else watching at home is rather yawn-ishly B-O-R-I-N-G!

People were pretty into the match. Western Bulldog fans came adorned with the colours of the team - blue, white and red. You can opt to have dinner before coming or just check out the food kiosk around the stadium that served hot food like pies and drinks.

Flags of the different AFL teams...

Super tall Western Bulldog fan...

Western Bulldog

Melbourne Demons

There were fireworks going off outside, opposite the stadium...

To be continued...

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