Friday, July 1, 2011

AFL for Dummies

Australian Football League (AFL) is a pretty much big deal here in Melbourne. Even Mr. C's workplace has a pool of bets whereby each week, if I am not wrong, there are 7 to 8 matches. One chooses the team one thinks will win and write them down, the following week, for every team win predicted, you get points for each winning. And at the end of the whole season, the person with the most points WIN! Winning prize is approximatly AUD1,000. Pretty cool right?

He has had colleagues fight over him to choose each of the own teams they support - Collingwood Magpies vs Essendon Bombers!

And due to all the buzz, I have been wondering what is all the hype about AFL though I never bothered to really find out more on it. Yesterday at the library, I saw the above book and decided I should borrow it to gain some knowledge of this sport that has garnered such fierce loyalties and support from most Melbourners!

Who would have thought that today, Mr. C would called me to say that we're going to out FIRST AFL match tonight, courtesy of his company! How awesome is that?!

Honestly, I am not sure if I am going to enjoy watching the match BUT I am determined to add this to my experiences-to-have-in-Melbourne! AND it's FOC! Who in their right mind would complain about freebies?! Even if it turns out to be a boring match, at least, I'll be able to say that I've been to an AFL match and determine for myself if I like AFL.

Basically, the below picture is some basics about the game...

And this is how much points you get if you score a goal IN BETWEEN the goal posts (the taller poll) and subsequently and a point each for scoring at the outer posts on the left or at the right.

You can pass the 'ball' up an down the field by...

I'll blog more on this match in another post. For now, if you are interested for more info, here's the BEGINNER'S GUIDE.

Toodles... Mr. C just called and said that they're (they being him and his colleagues) on their way back to fetch me. Gotta run!!

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