Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overhyped macaroons

Today has been a nice hang out day with NiNi! I really do miss shopping and especially with a lady friend! One that gives me feedbacks on clothes I try and doesn't have the urge to usher me out of the shopping centre as soon as possible.

Knocked ourselves out at Knox Shopping Centre's Temt and Valleygirl and ended up making a few purchases in Temt! Shopping some work clothes for my part time job. LOL. Spending money even before I earned it. Well, someone have said, 'you got to spend to earn'.

We lunched at Grill'd, this awesome burger shop situated in the Knox Ozone. I had the 'Baa Baa' burger upon recommendation from NiNi and it was finger licking good awesome! No points for guessing what meat burger it is. For the obtuse, it's lamb burger. Get it? Baa Baa sheep = lamb meat.

It costs AUD11.90 but if you have the Entertainment book that I blogged about previously over HERE, you can buy a burger and get one free. The burger is all about it's grilled lean lamb pattie with avocado paste, cheese, salad, tomato and some mayo.

We next headed to Brandsmart near her area. It's like DFO (direct factory outlet), a big shop with many shop lots inside it. It was rather quiet ish today. Not many people about, perhaps 'cos it was a weekday. Bought this amazingly soft bamboo bedsheet that cost a fair bit of money and Mr. C didn't even bat an eyelash! Phew. Wait till he sees the stuff I bought from Ebay! =p

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of my day out with NiNi. Come to think of it, I am forever snapping pictures of everything and I didn't take any shots of our day out together! I must have been so engrossed shopping and chatting that the thought of taking pictures just flew out my mind!

However, I remembered to snap a photo of my first ever Macaroon! NiNi was sooo sweet and bought for me two - chocolate and raspberry. She reckons the raspberry is better but somehow Mr. C and I prefer the chocolatey one.

It's rather light and a tad crispy ish on the outside but you feel the gooeyness once your teeth sinks into it.

I must say, I do wonder what is the big hype and crazy over macaroons 'cos I found it really sweet. And this is said with me being a sweet tooth!! Maybe it's just not my cup of tea but I reckon I will try other flavoured macaroons and blog about it in the future. Who knows? It might be an acquired taste kind of food!

Honestly, I've been dying to try it after hearing heaps and heaps of people groaning about how delectable this little creation tastes. I guess media is a highly influential advertisement in our today world because it became a huge hit after starring on Master Chef last season when Marion and some other dude had to do it for their challenge.

Nevertheless, thanks NiNi for my first ever macaroons!
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ken said...

i've never tasted any macaroons :/

KCY said...

i've tried macaroons here in msia...and yucks la..not my kinda thing. Clem drags u outta shopping malls? Such a typical guy! hoho

żħї~qїňg said...

your macaroon is flat. tried them in msia too, dont see the hoo-haa over macaroons...

maybe i should try the expensive ones...hmmm

goingkookies said...

Ken : I am a sweet tooth and even this is just TOO sweet for me! hehe

KCY : it's too gooey.. not my thing either.. but i think i'll give it one more go somewhere else.. haha.. he doesn't exactly drag me out of malls but you can tell that he wants to leave.

Zhi Qing : yeah.. my friend accidentally squashed it.

KCY said...

LOL and here i tot it was made that way in Aus!

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