Monday, July 4, 2011

PhotoSt0ry© : More Than Just a Cheap Camera

I am the kind of person who is constantly all over the place, call me a jack of all trades and master of none! It's annoying even to myself that I have this compulsion of wanting to dabble in anything and everything.

It's always me in my head with all this awesome ideas and dreams I want to or would love to chase and it goes on and on... which is a problem itself 'cos there is only so many things I can do at a time and with so many things I want to do, I am not focused resulting in my not learning nor doing anything in the end.

Saw this clip earlier today and am reminded, simplicity really is the key. In everything, we seem to love complications, if not, it's just in our nature to complicate a simple matter and blow it out of proportion! Don't you dare shake your head at me with judgment and tell me you don't do that... that'll be just a bald lie!

Hence, I just had to share a simple clip that inspires me... a reminder that there is a story to be told in anything and everything, even just a simple camera.

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