Sunday, August 12, 2012

I went to church

I met Marcus at T2 on Thursday whilst looking for birthday presents for Aunt M and a few other people. We talked about the various teas offered at T2 and due to his friendly nature, one topic led to another. 

We talked about the tea tastes and our backgrounds; him, being born in Aussie with Singaporean parents but lived and schooled in Singapore till high school where he moved back Aussie and we somehow talked about what church he is from. 

So, today, Mr. C aka Mr. Hubby and I decided to check it out... Grace Church on Koomba Road, off Mountain Highway. This is the second week, soft launch of the second service at 11am, aiming towards those in their 20's and 30's and not necessarily Christians.

People seemed friendly. Marcus sought out Mr. Hubby and I after the service. Sharp dude to notice us before we slipped away. :) And Andrew, who greeted us at the entrance before the service came to say 'hi' after the service. Friendly chap.

That's one thing great about smaller sized congregation, it is easier to notice new comers and givesthe opportunity for church members to perfect their hospitality in greeting and meeting newbies, like Mr. Hubby and I!

The church's car park was filled with Sakura, or rather Cherry Blossoms! So pretty to looked at! Told Mr. Hubby I would like to plant this beautiful flowers at our future home. It's like we're in Japan... but we're not. ;p

We headed to Rich Maha, 10 minutes away for lunch. Greeted with a queue of people waiting to give their orders. After a whift of the beautiful smelling curry that just transports me back to Malaysia, we decided to brave the queue and wait our turn. 

Today, I was a good girl and listened to Mr. Hubby and not bugged him to order teh tarik for me. :(

The first few times we patron this place, the tea was lovely. Not too sweet nor thick like the ones back home. However. the last two times we came, the tea was extremely sweet much to Mr. Hubby's horror. 

He can be quite a health food conscious freak most times being a party pooper to my parties. 

I love, love indian food and this is the closest I can get to the one's like in Malaysia. I had a roti and naan with curry chicken to share with Mr. Hubby despite him ordering his rojak. I think the fish curry here is EVEN better than the ones back home! Slurrrrp....

Mr. Hubby's rojak
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