Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday dinner at Conservatory in Crown Casino

This is a long overdue post. Mr. C's birthday was in August and I wanted to do something special for him this year. Last year, I threw him a surprise party that ended up not being a surprise. Long story short, we both suck at surprising each other 'cos we just can't keep secrets from one another. LOL.

So, we made our way to Conservatory that is located on Level 1 of Crown Towers for their much acclaimed buffet spread. I heard that it has been recently renovated and it sure does look posh and modern.

The high ceilings and white padded chairs gave the Conservatory it's regal ambiance. Another highlight would be the view of the river and CBD. From my experiences with buffet, I was expecting a bigger spread or rather a bigger area with more food laid out.

Starting off with seafood

I guess they were emphasising on quality rather than quantity. I definitely can taste the quality in the sushi (which I don't usually eat much 'cos if it ain't fresh, it really isn't smart to put in one's mouth) and seafood!

Mr. C really enjoyed himself that's for sure. He went for helpings after helpings of seafood and especially oysters. He's a HUGE fan of oysters, I tell you. :)

Happy man on his happy birthday

Bread sticks of sorts that we didn't touch, saving space for greater things ;p


The pancake duck was alright but definitely can't a hold a torch to the one we had at Simon's Peking Duck in Box Hill!! Dim Sum was alright. So, there was the seafood spread on one side together with the sushis and cold platters.

And on the other side is where the Asian spread is together with the dessert station.

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