Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring is here!

Malaysia's climate is mainly hot, humid and the occasional rain. And the past 27 years of my life was just acclimated to those weather. I wear jeans all year round. I wear shorts and short skirts all year round.

Despite it's erratic four seasons in a day weather, Mr. C and I love the cold in Melbourne. We prefer cold over heat, anytime. Autumn's just nice; not too cold and wet like winter and sunny but not too warm and hot like summer. 

Migrating to Australia and living in Australia with it's four seasons have been fascinating. It's something I've only watched in the movies for most part of my life. There's spring time where flowers come to life and shine in all their glory.

And you have summer time, where the girls bask under the hot sun in bikinis for a healthy or not-so-healthy tan giving guys an eyeful and equally not to be outdone, guys in shorts showing off their abs playing beach games or whatnot.

Then there's autumn and winter where the leggings, boots, jackets, scarves and shawls make their annual appearance. Not forgetting burets and beanies to keep ones head and ears warm. 

On our way out yesterday, I quickly pulled on my beanie 'cos I thought I looked cute wearing it. Guess what Mr. C had to say? 

"Why are you wearing a condom cover?" 

My first reaction was to find hilarity in that comment and then -_-" 'cos what on earth is a condom cover and how does one actually look like? Lols. That's Mr. C humour for you.

Me in beanie

Beautiful flowers at the neighbours

Us, at our backyard

Stalking the little furry fellas

Attempts at nice self portraits

As I lay on my picnic mat and stare up into the clear, blue skies
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