Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday karaoke at Partyworld

Sunday was a beautiful day. The hubby brought me to Partyworld Karaoke and it was awesome. We bought a Scoopon deal online for AUD29 and it was worth every cent! For AUD29, we get AUD100 credit worth of food and drinks PLUS 5 hours of singing time.

I used to be super shy singing in front of people. The first time a good friend brought me to the karaoke, I sang one song and just laughed at him the whole time to cover my awkwardness and my reluctance to sing further. 

He, however, made me sing a few more songs and I realised that I liked it.

As the years got on, whilst working, colleagues love to celebrate birthdays and farewells at the karaoke outlets. But I was still rather shyish about it. However, a colleague who loves to sing and can't exactly sing well put everything into perspective. If she can't really sing but doesn't give a *toot* about it and I? I can at least hold a tune, what's there to be embarrassed about? 

I think I really got over my shyness just two years back when I'll go with Miss Juice. Just she and I, 4 hours singing straight and somehow, I am no longer a closet singer. 

Anyways, back to Sunday. Here we were, at the line into Partyworld in Melbourne Central. The queue was pretty long and no surprise 'cos many were holding Scoopon vouchers just like us! Reminded me just of karaoke in Malaysia.

The difference here is that there are security guards to check your bags before you go in and your identity. It was a bit of a foreign concept 'cos you don't get that in Malaysia. I reckon it's done here because they want to ensure you don't bring any food and drinks in instead of buying any from the karaoke place (they kept my macarons, a birthday gift for a friend, at the counter).

Then again, it could also be because alcohol is served on the premise and perhaps, those underaged can't enter, too. Australia's quite strict about underage and alcohol. For example, it's illegal to walk on the streets, in public holding alcohol. You have to carry it in a doggy bag and you're not allowed to drink in public.

Mr. C choosing songs whilst I sang emo Fish Leong songs

Phew. Anyways, we made it in after the queue and the security check. A small room just for the both of us. Nevertheless, the sound system was good. We, in fact sound like superstars! But the screen to choose songs were not user friendly. And you can't change the song a (many) key up or down.

There were many English songs to choose from but it was somewhat, limited more to newer songs. But we were still pretty satisfied and come on, we sang 5 hours worth, so that's pretty good!

The room was cosy and the food was actually quite decent tasting! We ordered two entres and a main each and two drinks each.
The two men in my life (Mr. C and Jay)

Agedashi Tofu (thumbs up)

Unagi with egg and rice

Sze Chuan noodle with curry pork and noodles

Queen's Bohemain Rhapsody

After 5 hours, with hoarse and tired voices, we left for dinner with Sal in Carrums Down. Bought her a pot of simple flowers from Rowville Stud Park Shopping Centre's House of Blooms. Loved how they have such simple but beautiful flowers and arrangement.

Chocolate, hazelnut, lemon, pomegranate, pistachio etc..

Earl grey, blueberry, raspberry, raspberry with chocolate, sakae and champagne
La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon

We got the flowers and a box of macarons from La Belle Miette! 'Cos I know she really, really loves macarons. How can you not? Especially with such mini perfections from this favourite place of mine.

We drove nearly an hour from the city to her place and went nearby, to Monta Verde for dinner. The food was REALLY good and I'll blog about it another day. That's all for today. :)
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