Sunday, February 1, 2009

My funny boyrfiend

There are many moments when my bf exaperates me to no end and frustrates me to the point of no return. Well, almost to the point of no return. However, there are also plenty of moments where he just amuses me and makes me laugh/smile at his humour and wit and funniness.

One such moment was a few minutes ago.

I was looking through my excel spreadsheet of working papers and labouring over my work and he is watching footie on ESPN whilst checking the spam mails his parents sent (they spam me too, btw). He came across one on beautiful women and how we should accept ourselves as we are and not be constantly obssessed with out looks or somewhat "lack" of looks.

And as we were reading one of the slides, it said,
"the beauty of a women is not in her looks (i bet ms lyn is fervently disagreeing as she reads that line as she is after all ms. prettylynnie aka ms. tofubeautyskin), it flows from her eyes."

And just as he read that, he proceeded to stare right into my eyes and said, "wow" with a cheeky smile.


soolynnie said...

hahha. ya my eyes are beautiful too. imagine looking into a cock-eye. i bet the reaction will be a 'wow!'
hahahahhaha. love you, essy

goingkookies said...

love you too ms tofubeauty skin!!! can't wait for bkk!!!

rccnlj said...

Wah your clemmie so sweet one ah.. :) Just make sure you dun get diabetes like dad. *cheeky grin

Anonymous said...

haha.. very funny!!