Sunday, February 15, 2009

The man of the hour is...

none other than.....

*hehe* bet u tot i was going to say it was my bf.

well, my bf is of course the man of the day and every other day but for just this hour, for the moment, KENNYSIA has managed to raised a WHOPPING RM65,325.01!!!!

It is no small feat! and as seen below, he has valiently shaved his head bald!

However, i am wondering what's it with shaving the head bald to raise fund for charity??? cos last year around Nov'08, if i am not mistaken, the Finance Advisory department had also organised such a charity event but of course instead of kennysia, they had several distinguished firm partners as "victims". *hehe*

Oh well, all in the name of charity and no serious damage done is good at the end of the day right?

Wanted to post about Valentines day but the bf has yet to sent me the pics. We cooked our very own valentines dinner at home and our meal only cost less than RM30!!! It's not about us being cheapskates or "old married couple" but i figure that Valentines day has somewhat been over commercialised these past few years and why pay so much more to the restaurants when we can do it ourselves at home minus the hassle of finding parking, getting a spot/make reservation, pay a hefty sum especially during this better-safe-money-period and so on and so forth.

but all in all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all you people out there!

My friend, ms tofubeautyskin was super sweet to wish me and my bf in her blog and a college mate that i've not met in ages smsed me!! well, hugs to you both!!

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