Sunday, February 8, 2009

random thoughts

1) Saw this on a colleague's fb status- "........... had a injection on her buttock n it hurts :(" and was amused. Who announces to the whole wide world that they had an injection and especially the buttocks part? hmmm...

2) I came back from work and dinner about 11sth pm fri night and am rather pleased that i managed to pack 80% of all my stuff in just 4 hours although am having mix feelings about moving. hope it turns out nice =) should i get PS2 or PS3??

3) Feeling super tired from the lack of sleep and the day's activities.

4) I am wondering when will i have time to do all my work that i brought back.

5) Super hoping, wishing, praying really hard that you won't call me back to work on Monday. It is after all a PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! then again, it is the peak period for auditors and besides, i still have to work from home. *groan*

6) Auditors are like "kutu"s. Or at least that is how i feel with the way someclients treat us as such.

7) Am rather sad that you are allocated to another client. Who will joke with me? Say silly things to me? Make work more bearable at client's???

8) lack of sleep = tired and panda-eye-me

9) When and how will i ever lose all the excess baggage???!!

10) i wished that we won't have to part again or rather that i will be following you back.

1 comment:

Timmy said...

you can buy any game console as long JON DOES NOT know you have 1 you are safe.....:)