Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kennysia going bald for charity if...

I am sure most of you have heard of Kennysia. If not, head over to his blog!!!

He is well known for his style of blogging (which can be crude and lame at times but mostly entertaining) depicting Malaysian culture ie Malaysia's general elections last year and how immature certain ministers were behaving, sharing with us little snippets of his life without overexposing private stuff ie his jogging, his hamsters, his trips overseas and so on.

Now, how many celebrities have you known to utilise their blogs for the greater good???!!! Do you see/hear Mahathir or any ministers that blog do anything good? All they do is kutuk, tai chi and point fingers! What are they doing for charity? the poor? the underprivilege? They can't even do a proper job speaking articulately or doing their jobs in the first place.

Well, kennysia isn't a minister and neither is he a super famous singing, acting or modelling celebrity but he's just a blogger famous for his blogging style. And now, he is pledging his hair for charity. Contribute even a measly RM1 for charity, and if it hits RM50,000 by 12th February, he'll shave his head bald. What makes this such a magnanimous effort is that he spents a bomb on trying to keep his hair on his head! Not being vain, but some people do have hair loss issues ok.

So, if you can spend RM8 for a simple car wash, RM10 on a movie ticket, RM13 on starbucks, RM10 (more or less) on cigarettes and even more so on alcohol, facial, beauty products, slimming packages, clothes, why not contribute even if it's just RM1 to a just cause- Sarawak Children Cancer Society???

What are you waiting for??!! Here's the time to put those resolutions and gulity conscience into action.

To read kennysia's story or to donate, click here.

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