Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homecooked : Soup for the soul


Potato, Leek and Bacon Soup

Ever since Mr. C and I bought a Phillips Hand Blender (Phillips Avance 740w), we've been happily utilising it to make Avocado Shakes and soups! 

I had been researching for awhile now on blenders and food processors. Friends recommended Spectablend and even Thermomix, both a bit pricey in my opinion. Hence, the hesitancy and the lag in obtaining a desired appliance. I did not want to buy these appliances (as most ladies who cook in the kitchen do, true life story of a few friends!) only to use them a couple of times in the first few months and subsequently collect dust at the back of my cupboard from neglect. 

When Catch of The Day had this Phillips hand blender on special for about $70, it was a deal I just couldn't say no to and the rest they say is history!

Thus, began a wonderful journey between us, The Clemsters (I know, lame of me to combine our names but oh well... or you rather The Esments) with our Phillipie, the hand blender!

Stay tune for more Phillipie adventures...

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