Saturday, October 25, 2014

20 Random Thoughts in October 2014

1. Appliances hunting isn't fun.

2. Sometimes, being limited by one's resources limits one's ability to do great things.

3. Disappointed at Painter #1 but perhaps, it had to happened the way it did so that Painter #2 could come in the picture and do the job for a price we could afford.

4. I have sooooo many brilliant ideas but am limited by myself and the hole in my pocket.

5. I am blessed with lovely in laws whose generosity touched me at a time where certain relatives were being too pushy with their opinions (I acknowledge and know they have the best of intentions but the way they convey their opinions hardly reflects so) about certain decisions Mr. C and I have made about our humble abode.

6. Finally made it to Lifegroup. Mr. C was trying to wrangle his way out the whole day in such an endearing manner that I couldn't be mad. 

7. I think he secretly enjoyed himself. 

8. Too many drafts waiting to be completed and published reminds me that I need to blog more often. And just as I finished typing that, I know my blogging days will never be as frequent as it used to be.

9. Continuing from Point 8, which in a way is a good thing. I blog more when I am emotional. It's my outlet to rant and release my frustrations and dwell on my Eeyoreness. However, I have grown a fair bit in the past 5 years and I think it is safe to say that I am at a relatively happy place. It's not always rosey and sunshine but I learn to lay my worries at God's capable shoulders and trust that He will see me through the storms.

10. And these days, Mr. C and I rarely argue. Don't get me wrong, we are still very much into each other as when we first started out 14 years ago. But the feelings we have has matured into a comfortable relationship filled with affection and understanding of one another (IMO, this is going to sound conceited but I truly believe it's because I had a paradigm shift and was the bigger person to change my expectations among other things first which is probably a story for another day if I remember to tell it).

11. Had a good time out with Miss H over dumplings last night followed by a visit to the cinemas to watch 'This Is Where I Leave You'. The story unfold of each sibling's struggles are very real in the world today where people struggle to conceive, forget the reasons they married in the first place, do despicable things they never thought they would and so on. 

12. Happy for Colleague JW officially saying his 'I dos' to EJ today although Mr. C and I couldn't be there to witness the happy occasion at Old Treasury Building.

13. Should lose 10kg (I know, I have been saying this like forever) but wondering how to do so since I can't (and am unwilling) to swear off all glorious chocolates, chips and ice-cream.

14. Wishes I had more $$$ so I can fulfill friends/families birthday wishes.

15. A bit down I can't ride a hot air balloon to celebrate my 30th as planned (just because I am unwilling to pay full price of $380+ and am waiting for Groupon/Scoopon specials at half price) but am going SkyDiving instead.

16. Initially wanted to start my 30's with a remarkable celebration to commemorate the importance but due to certain situation, I am willing to forgo and just have a nice meal with Mr. C and in laws.

17. So much I want to do, so little time to pursue every single one of them. However, am glad I managed to strike off a couple from my sort of bucket list.

18. Really wish to go to France and/or Greece (and also Taiwan) next year but am wondering if it will eventuate.

19. Not exactly looking forward but reckon next year's the year to start Mr. C junior project. Sounds a bit selfish perhaps but we've been happy with just the two of us despite tying the knot end 2010. It's hard considering when we don't have our parents here in Kangarooland nor do I have my close girl friends. :( And don't forget, the world isn't exactly becoming a better place to bring a child into.

20. November is going to be awesome. I can feel it. I'll be 30 though people keep thinking I am starting out as a student (not sure if this is good for my work reputation) and are surprised when they hear my age, we are moving for the last time (unless we hit the lottery and move somewhere bigger) and well, just because it's my birthday. Lol. And even if November remains normal and not extraordinary, it's ok. Life goes on and I just have nothing major to gripe about. :)


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