Saturday, October 18, 2014

On my mind

1. Public or Private

2. Blue or Green

3. Fridge, washing machine, dryer, lawn mower, couch, Eames dining table and chairs ?????

4. Ikea or Malaysia?

5. Obtain quotes to rid the jungle that has a life of its own

6. To organise cleaners

7. Update location of humble abode

8. Hmmmm.. what do I want to do for my birthday

8. What else do I have to pack?

9. I SO want a dog but I just want to play and not do anything else. Golden retrievers are SO adorable despite their fur that flies everywhere.

10. Will bathing and washing my hair during confinement period really affect me in my old age?

11. How to make more money?

12. What if everything doesn't turn out the way I imagine it in my head???

13. Breath, Esther, breathe.

14. Can't wait for everything to be finalised by early December 2014.

15. Looking forward to February 2015 but not looking forward to the work leading up to leaving.

16. 2015 is going to be a year of weddings. What if I get preggers???

17. How to convince a certain someone to let me go for a certain someone's wedding?

18. How to keep flying back for all the weddings happening in 2015 and bound to happen in 2016???

19. Why am I so tubby?? Why isn't there a quick fix?? Lol

20. What else is on my mind??

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