Sunday, July 7, 2013

Instagram : DIY Chicken Parmagiana


I was first introduced to Chicken Parmigiana aka Chicken Parma when I visited Australia in 2007. 

Sally brought Mr. C and I to La Roche in St. Kilda and I still remember for $15 we had a huge portion of Chicken Parmigiana burying a mountainful of chips with salad on the side. This deal also includes a drink - beer, soft drink or wine. 

Pretty good deal I must say. La Roche has cheap meal deals on certain days. Check out their menu HERE to decide which days to go to take advantage of their meal deals.

Ok, enough about La Roche.

Chicken Parma is a southern Italian baked dish of meat topped with ham, tomato sauce and cheese.

Today for dinner, Mr. C baked Chicken Parmigiana for our dinner. It was fairly straightforward and easy to do. He went out about 3 ish in the noon to grocery shop. We usually go together but I wasn't feeling up to it today. He reckons he can take his time to see certain items he usually doesn't have the luxury to when I am around 'cos he is trying to distract me from the chips and chocolate aisle. LOL.

He bought five chicken thigh schnitzels for $6 from the meat deli at Rowville Shopping Centre. He then headed to Coles and bought melt to cheese and the Parma sauce. All in all, this dish cost both of us less than $20 which we had for dinner and lunch at work the next day!

Can't wait to make this again. Super enjoyed our meal!

Before stuffed into the oven

Post baking, check out the melted cheese! *slurp*
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