Wednesday, July 24, 2013

$5 Salsa's Chicken Burrito

Salsa's is having a promotion, join Mex Club and get a FREE burrito.

However, if you are a member, fret not. I received an email that members can purchase chicken burritos for $5 on Wednesday and Thursday. That's where we went today.

I had to skip my Zumba class to send my phone for repair.

My barely 3 month old Samsung Galaxy S4 died on me yesterday. The screen refused to light up and grant me sight into my applications. Hence, had to leave it at Vodafone in Knox Mall to be repaired whilst I use my loan phone, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Since we were at Knox, we went to Salsa's at Knox O-Zone for dinner.

It was a really quiet evening. Then again, we were there before 7pm. We used to really like burritos at Salsa's but for awhile it wasn't up to scratch. But it was hard to pass up this good offer and I am glad we didn't. Burritos was tasty the first few bites and got a little bit dry towards the end. 

Would have been yummier if we had the mexi-crinkle fries.


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