Friday, July 12, 2013

Instragram : Chocolate at Koko Black in Chadstone


If you are looking for something chocolaty in Melbourne, Koko Black's the place to be. 

In my humble opinion, I reckon it trumps Lindt, Ganache and definitely the over hyped Brunetti's. Not being mean but true, honest opinion based on my dessert experience. 

Beautiful Baked Chocolate Tart $8

Delicious!! Definite thumbs up for this unassuming dessert. Looked simple and nothing spectacular but the taste was just lovely. Chocolatey without being overpowering. According to Koko Black's menu, this decadent tart is made using 64% of Madagascan choclate served warm with Vanilla Anglaise.

Baby Iced Chocolate $5

Normal Iced Chocolate can be a tad too rich for some. Or for others who are not so keen on the higher calories intake, opt for a smaller version of the regular Iced Chocolate. You get a taste of heaven without too much guilt!

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