Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Fruitful Wednesday

Today has been an extremely eventful day... First up, I woke up feeling fresh and wide awake. Don't you just love mornings like these? Well, I definitely am NOT looking forward to the days where I've to wake up early just to go to work. Then, I'll have to bid my morning sleep in's adieu.

The grass is greener on the other side! I complain waking up late and wasting half my day and yet, if I were to lose the privileged of sleeping in, I'll moan and whine like an unfed baby! Ahhh.. such is the life of a hard-on-herself and easily distracted person!

Back to my busy Wednesday. I woke up, made breakfast for Mr. C whilst packing his lunch box. Yup. In Australia, often times, people pack lunch from home and have that for lunch than take time out to go to some nearby shop for lunch meals. Saves time and money! Initially, I felt groggy and tired when I first got up with the intention to go right back to sleep after Mr. C left BUT after making his breakfast and chit chatting, I was wide awake!

Hence, my day consisted of me doing 1001 things... or rather, it felt like it.

I watched four Season 2 episodes of Cougar Town, vacumned the whole house, mopped the floor (only because I spilt my cake batter on the floor... DANG!), washed the landlord's bedsheets ('cos he is usually away and if I don't do it, no one will and I am nice like that! LOL), sew back my button onto my jacket and baked cake!

Ok. After listing them out, doesn't sound like much eh... *hehe* But it's definitely more than the usual... I attempted putting the butter cake batter into cupcakes and voila!

It turned out pretty alright! Too bad I am missing out on whipped cream! Baby cupcakes!

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