Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy 11th Anniversary!!

Dear Mr. C,

Guess what?! We forgot our 11th anniversary! I guess the first few years do set the precedent over the rest of the relationship.. ya?

Is that healthy? normal? alright? or just plain complacent, you tell me. Yesterday, I blogged that I had to get ready for my date night with you. It was nothing fancy schmancy but it's been awhile since we've dressed up and watched a movie etc.

And since Dandenong Plaza was having Markets Day - whereby it's a one day sale though when we were there, it looked pretty much dodgy with few people about - we decided to go there. You can tell about the area from the way people dress and behave. Not whinging about the people there but do you remember me telling you that I heard a little kid in her primary school years said the f-word to her mother and there were no admonishments or slaps. Oh well... welcome to the new generation or rather a different culture perhaps?

Anyway, we had dinner at Ho Inn in the food court seeing how as lots of shops were closed not like there were many to begin with after walking around and buying a cardigan and a blue simple, cotton dress for me at AUD15 whilst you patiently watched on despite being tired after a day's work. You're sweet like that.

We watched X-men : First Class since Reading Cinema Dandenong was having a buy one ticket free one ticket offer just for yesterday. I was surprised that you were keen to watch seeing how you looked and seemed tired.

But the movie was good and worth it right? Later on the movie but last night sound pretty much like a date. And we had it even without remembering it was our anniversary! How uncanny...

And today, I saw that it was 3rd of June and it suddenly hit me that we FORGOT our anniversary! Well, I hope that doesn't mean the end of any romance in our lives. It's really hard not to compare at times when I hear such great stories of romance in other couple's lives but I am learning to be content with my simple life, with you.

Whatever it is, despite it all, I am learning to believe and rely that God always has my back! =)

Here is to more happy memories between us for the rest of our lives...


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Kathlynn said...

awwww....happy anniversary! :)

ken said...

a very sweet message :)

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