Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I miss...

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Life here isn't all that bad. I have Mr. C and a nice place to live in. I don't have to work. Weather here is just beautifully cold. I have awesome view of the lake at my backyard.


I still miss home.

I miss Edward though he's no longer mine.

I miss my friends but I do often wonder if they miss me. Can't help it with the lack of communication but I keep telling myself, everyone's busy.

I miss Koay Teow Tong and RM1 Roti Canai and less-than-RM2 teh ice!

I miss my Lat Jiu Pan Mee fix and Tom Yam mee hoon soup near EON bank in KL!

I miss the familiarity of Edward, the sense of confidence driving about town, the freedom to go out whenever I want to.

I miss just being able to call someone, anyone out for yam cha at anytime.

I miss singing till the wee hours of the day with MsJuice.

I miss one on one chats.

I miss Gill and our impromptu girly chats. Our plans of going to take photos, holiday etc that just never materialise!

I miss Mel T and the catch up sessions we have that just goes on and on and on!

I miss a certain specky eyed good friend and his 'siew hong' and 'monster'. The spontaneous I-am-near-your-house-let's-go-for-lunch and I-crave-for-Carbonara calls!

I miss a certain asshole who always keeps everything to himself and it's a tug of war game just trying to glean any personal info off him! I don't even know where I stand with him anymore.

I miss badminton nights!

I know life back home, the happy moments won't be the same if I was living permanently with a job and all. Nevertheless, the homesick pangs just refuses to leave me be!

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