Monday, June 6, 2011

The books that kept me up

I have always loved reading right from my primary school days. Back in those days, I was mostly into Enid Blyton's and Alfred Hitchcock's The Three Investigators and I fancy myself half in love with Jupiter Jone's brilliance! I did read the Nancy Drew series but wasn't really that into it. Oooh and I loved the Malory Towers series!

I was only introduced to romance genre in my early teens. Sweet Valley High series are only considered child's play in the world of murder plots, the restriction of aristrocracy, damsel in distress and knight in shining armours! I remember how I used to go hunting for my sister's secret stash and read these novels with my trusty torchlight under the blanket. It's actually amazing that now, I don't require the assistance of spectacles despite years of reading in the dark.

Aaah.. my first romance novel was by none-other-than Julie Garwood and ever since then, she's been my no.1 favourite, followed by Judith McNaught! In this past couple of years, Julia London and Julia Quinn has also captured my book worming radar!

Besides that, I am also an ardent fan of John Grisham though I prefer his older works as opposed to the last few novels of his. Once upon a time, his lawyer jargon filled novels and the larger-than-life plots inspired a tiny spark in me to venture into lawyering but nah... I am bad with public speaking.

Despite my love for reading, I tend to get carried away when I am so deep into the book's plot that I rush to finish a novel in 3 hours or less. I would even forgo sleep just to know what happens at the end resulting in my sleeping in after Mr. C has gone to work!

Reminder to self : to have better habits!

Here are several books that I've borrowed from the library in the past month.

Libraries here are AWESOME! I can borrow as many books and other items (cds, magazines etc) as I want and I can borrow it for a month. If no one puts it on hold, I can extend it for another month! And it's FREE! They even bring in the latest and up-to-date titles... but you can only borrow those for two weeks which is rather fair IMHO.

I sincerely hope that libraries never run out of fashion like how hard copy books seem to be losing out to ebooks... but for that to happen, some things need to change. I think putting in a cafe, a playground/ area for younger kids and a hang out spot for teenagers would be a good idea to begin with.

Alas, grand plans tend to require capital which most people aren't willing to fork out if they do not stand to gain anything from the venture. Ahhh if only one was filthy rich with the means to do something meaningful for society... for the good of our future generation.

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Kathlynn said...

so many books, so lil time! oh, but I was a super big fan of nancy drew & hardy boys back in those days. SVH did not appeal to me tho, so I grew up bein totally hardcore unromantic! haha :)

goingkookies said...

haha.. i ve never read a single hardy boys book although it was the rage then =p lol

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