Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jack Vidgen : the next Justin Bieber?

I watched the semifinals of Australia's Got Talent last night on Channel 7 and was wowed by a 14 year old, Jack Vidgen who hails from Manly, Sydney, when he sang "And I am telling you I am not going" from the 2006 musical- Dream Girls.

Not only did he nailed it, he aced it!! And that's with my bulu romas all giving him a standing ovation!!

I don't doubt Kyle Sandilands when he said that Jack could easily win this competition. Dannii Minogue claims that he is mind blowing where else Brian McFadden kissed Jack on the cheeks although Jack was hoping to get one from Dannii!!

The audition... singing "I have nothing" by Whitney Houston...

AND this is his interview with Channel 7's Today Tonight...

You can check out last night's singing HERE that lead to a standing ovation from the crowd and ALL three judges!!

He has been liken to Justin Bieber and is dubbed 'Australia's Justin Bieber'... He's tiny and his hair style does reflect a bit of Justin Bieber's before he had a haircut. I like the fact that he appears to be humble and childlike. However, with the impending fame and fortune, one can only hope it doesn't get to his head.

Well, only time will tell but even if (hypothetically, which I doubt it) this little dude doesn't win the competition, he'll still be snagged up by some producer... that's the beauty of the opportunities that we have in this current generation. L

You can request for free tickets to the show at I have and I hope to get mine!! Wheee....

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