Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where's your manners?!!

I can't help but still feel that Brissie people are generally nicer and friendlier especially after today!

I had blogged previously about my take on Melbourne vs Brissie and Melbourne won 4-2 but nevertheless, people here can be rude, callous, and mean! I am not saying that Brissie doesn't have mean people but somehow, I see it more over here in Melbourne.

So what if Melbourne's a bigger city that is more 'modern', developed and sophisticated? Shouldn't it be better instead of being worst?

Drivers on the road over here zip from left and to the right when they're impatient, which is most times. I thought I left this kind of driving back home in Malaysia. For now, at least they use their signals. Then again, many don't! Give it a couple more years and Melbourners might very well start driving inconsiderately like Malaysians back home!

I blame it on the Asians that have migrated over and probably brought over their disgusting cultures and bad habits. From my experience in Brissie, Aussies are generally a friendly and courteous lot! However here in Melbourne, despite some friendly ones but like I said, it's as if this place is infested with Asians- present company included unfortunately! *hehe* - and it really grates my nerves to see how people here drive and honk!

What irked me today that compelled this post was the idiot car salesmen from the car showrooms along Burwood Highway from Nissan to Toyota. The ones at Hyundai and Holden were more complacent and 'serviced' us with the couldn't-be-bothered-to-layan-us face!

The young chap that talked to us at Nissan's was initially alright till he gathered that we weren't in to buy a car today itself, was when he showed his true self. He couldn't be bothered to look interested in selling to us a car but instead adopted a bored-wished-I-was-somewhere-else look!

We may not be buying a car today but we sure am looking towards getting a car in the near future! So, if the salesmen are smart, they would still be civil and charming to their customers ie. US! It only makes sense 'cos people would go back to where they get better services! IDIOTS!

The tall and well built guy (sounds Aussie, see what I mean about Aussies being friendly?!) at the Toyota's Used Vehicle section was good. He knew we just started looking and doing our research and yet, he took us to 3 to 5 or more cars to have a look, answering our questions and opening the doors and boot for us to browse!
The short haired, specky, British accent prick at the Toyota's new vehicle section however, takes the winning trophy! He was arrogant and rude. Hello?!! Ever heard that CUSTOMERS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! And I feel really indignant especially seeing that Mr. C and I are well mannered, honest and nice people, to get such a treatment is just plain shitty!

Too bad I didn't get his name or I would have filed a complaint against him. He sort of told us off brashly (as if we had wasted his time) to get the deal we saw online (which we saw was giving a better price only to find out it was a 2010 model instead of 2011) and he got up, took his laptop and walked off!

For all the arrogance and behaviour of a boar, is it so hard for him to be well mannered? Are we not humans? Are we not law abiding, tax paying people who deserve some manner of respect or civility?!

Gee, I would rather go somewhere else and pay more for better service than go back to that dirt bag despite how much I really like Toyota Corollas! I am sure he butter ups to other clients whom he may perceive to have better earning power which makes me really detest apple polishers and suck ups like him!

Times like this, it makes me miss Brissie and the nice people that I have encountered.

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