Friday, June 17, 2011

Dinner at the nieghbour's

It's been awhile since we've had dinner or a meal with just my cousin, Jo whom I have now dubed as JoJo Binks! Why did I name him that? Well, just cause it sounds cute!! Gosh! See what one year of unemployment does to a person's mind? It makes you less smart and more looney.. *hehe*

As Tuaku and Aunt M is out for dinner with their family friends this Friday evening, JoJo Binks decided to have dinner with us and somehow, I managed to get him to cook dinner for Mr. C and I! Genius right? See... brain isn't that useless after all! *snickers*

Anyways, he droved me out to Stud Park's Australia Post and once I was done with my official matter, we headed to Coles. Super happy that my Fly Buys card finally came today! So timely. By the time we were done with our errand and reached home, it was after 5pm. I scurried out to collect firewood for Mr. C ('cos I am such a loving wife ok) before the sky became dark.

Half past five, Mr. C and I went over to 'the neighbours' and JoJo Binks started preparing for dinner. Poor chap started tearing when he diced the onions. Don't we all just hate that when we cut onions up! Should have bought the onion goggles mask I saw ages ago at Harbourtown in Gold Coast!

Chef JoJo Binks was hard at work. It's been awhile since he last cook so we were a little apprehensive about the outcome. Whilst I labouriously assisted by staring and chatting with the chef, Mr. C was being a real guest, relaxing and reading the newspapers. Tsk tsk.

He was busy browsing for potential cars to buy. The last one he had, a 1994 Mitsubishi Gallant gave us a fair bit of headache and he had to sell it off for only 10% of what he bought it for! It might not sound like a smart move but then, he was just too stressed out about the headaches it kept heaping on him. This weekend, we're going car hunting again... hopefully we have a better experience this time.

Caught in action!!

Whilst the chef prepared the food and Mr. C slacking *kidding*, I was exploring my Nex3, snapping everything in sight! Mandarin oranges... mangosteen... waxed bananas! Have you ever heard about an interesting information on the mangosteen?

Look at the bottom of the fruit and you'll see a flower like shape and on this shape, there are several petals. Count how many petals and that means how many pieces of fruit you'll get inside the fruit! Pretty neat right? I always marvel on this intricate fruit and how God really give attention to details despite what we may think.

Love calenders like this that is rampant in Australia!!

Even Mr. C's eyes and lashes have fallen prey to my Nex 3!!

JoJo Binks' skills... looks really well diced!

As the bolognaise sauce was set to simmer, I happily went about taking pictures even stopping by the mirror to click at myself! Sigh... yeah I know. I've been camwhoring a lot more and been such a vain pot. But I really need the practice for my pre-wedding shoots! Why was such a word ever coined? Camwhore sounds so crude and rude! Bleh.. then again, maybe it's just my conservative side screaming at the common use these days of such word, whore.

People say things with nary a thought these days. Everything boils down to how I feel and what I want. If I feel like swearing and speaking my mind, then by all means, I will do just that. To every action, there are consequences. Every word spoken, there are also aftermath.

There is a kiddy song or a saying that goes like this, 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me'. I reckon words are equally as hurtful as sticks and stones and the impact may be even more lethal at times.

Cutesie attempt #1

Cutesie attempt #2

Cutesie attempt #3

And Voila!! The food turned out pretty alright despite someone's grumbling and doomsday foretelling that it wouldn't be. Mr. C even wanted second helpings and that is saying a lot as he isn't exactly a fan of spaghetti bolognaise!!

Tried to get JoJo Binks to cook again next week but he scoffed at my gall to even suggest such atrocity. Oh well, at least I tried! =p We'll be having Dominoes tomorrow. Gosh, all this fatty and unhealthy food! Shall be a good girl and exercise this coming week!

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Nava.K said...

Lovely food with all that took place during the preparing part.

goingkookies said...

tq tq =)