Monday, January 26, 2009

a bad beginning

You see... my first week of 2009 didn't start with a big BANG and neither did it proceeded with promises of a great year ahead or a worry and stress free year.

On the very first week, my family fell ill ie flu, sprained leg, sore throat and diarrhoea. Besides that, i was robbed!! My handbag was snatched to be more precise. 6 colleagues and i were happily chatting as we walked to the tmn jaya lrt station where our cars were parked about 7 ish pm whilst carrying our heavy laptop bags and the goodies we bought from our client. Out of nowhere and in slow motion (well, at least it felt so to me at that time) my right arm was tugged forward. And slow realisation sunked in that my handbag was being snatched! As i reached my left hand towards my right side to grab on to my bag, the bag strap broke and the idiot sped off with it.

Initially, i was rather calm, cool and collected. In fact, my colleagues didn't realised what had happened until it was too late. They thought that it was i who yelled when it was the colleague who was walking in front of me who screamed. I asked my colleagues to walk towards the car park area and not linger by the road.

As i frantically called my bf to convey the news, i felt numb and then shaky. i mean, u always hear this kind of news involving other people and i have always say it's God's blessings that i've never been part of statistics as i used to walked to school and back and even to uni taking the lrt and bus. I guess those lucky days are over. Maybe i've lost God's blessings for now.

The worst part is, before the incident happened, my instincts were telling me to move my handbag from my right shoulder to my left as the road was by my right side. However, the weight of my laptop bag was killing me and so were the large plastic bags of goodies that i was carrying that i told myself to just hang on as we were reaching the parking lot soon when the tragedy occurred.

So, lesson learnt and warning to everyone out there:
1) always be aware and alert of your surroundings!! never take things forgranted even in the safety of a group.

2) always hold your handbag on the opposite shoulder facing the road.

3) keep your hp/cards in your pockets if possible.

more "worse moments"...
1) after completing my police report that nite itself, the policewomen asked me to pay RM2. "uh.. hello???!! I was just ROBBED??!! where got money la!!" i had to ask my bf for the miserable RM2. Imagined if i had lodged the police report alone.

2) to remake my driving license, i have to pay at least RM20!!! silly silly. and it seems that i became more scatterbrained that i forgot to bring a driving license pic!! so, i queued up in vain! pffft!!!!

3) to replace my ATM card, i will be charged by the bank! Like HELLO??!!! victim here!! still have to pay all this stupid fees!! mahfan enough have to reapply everything what more i have to pay???

4) Alliancebank was super efficient and fast in sending me my credit cards but guessed wat?? They charged me RM50 each for the replacement of visa and master card without informing me!! what atrocity is this?? I am going to ask for waiver, if not i am soooo cancelling my credit cards!

5) As for Ambank, i have to go to the bank to collect the card and my mum can't collect on my behalf even with written approval. Like HELLO once again??!!!! How to go when i am working??? especially peak period?? sheesh..

and seriously, the inconveniences have yet to stop. sigh.

you would think that i'll be traumatised to go out etc. but i am not. i am just plain pissed at the jerk! Go find your own job and buy things with your own freaking money la! Not to say i am miss rich! my new hp bought by my mum is gone and so is the camera my bf gave me! Don't thinking i even want to get a new hp ever. *sigh*

Seriously, what is our government doing to curb the crime rate? Apparently, snatch thieves are common along the Persiaran Barat road where Nestle, PJ Hilton and Singgahsana is situated. If it is so prevalent, why aren't the policemen patrolling the area? Doing sth at least. The guardman of Nestle told me that one woman was punched last year near Singgahsana and her handbag was taken! Even my bf's friend's mum who works near that area was a snatch thieve victim. Talk about PJ area, on fri, my friend who lives in SS2 facing the ldp told me that her neighbour handbag was snatched right outside her house.

once again.
WHAT THE *TOOT* are THE POLICEMEN or even the GOVERNMENT DOING ABOUT ALL THIS??!!! Aren't the policemen supposed to ensure our safety? Why are all the tamans around ie Tmn Megah, Tmn Sea, Dsara Jaya to name a few are hiring private security guards to patrol the neighbourhood when taxpayers like me are paying tax whereby some of the money definitely goes to the policemen's wages but they don't seem to be doing their job??? Why pay an employee when they're not doing what they're paid to do? What more to say that they're policemen, it's their duty... their obligation to society to protect society's safety!!

I want to do sth about this.. i don't want to just sit idle and be just another victim. If anyone out there knows how i can contribute or what i can start or do to help lessen such victims out there, please, i urge you to let me know.

Are we not safe at all not even a sec, not even in our own homes? My aunt who works as a promoter in 1u mentioned that on Fri night, one of the younger promoters about late 20s took a cab back to section 17. Instead of going home to have a good shower n rest, she was taken to sg buloh and raped for 7hours. When i was lodging my police report, a man came in saying that his bike was stolen and the dudes beside me had their house broken into with laptops etc taken.

Tell me once again... what is
Barisan National or even PKR doing to prevent such atrocities or curb crime rate? Instead of being stupid and childish constantly bickering over God knows what, please, do something about assholes robbers and thieves. I bet you it was probably a stupid malay junkie that robbed me. Sounds racist rite? Well, what are you going to do? Arrest me under ISA?

POLITICIANS and all you super-free-people-with-nothing-better-to-do, instead of protesting against Gaza attacks and all, focus back on your own home country and your own people! To being with, Israel was being attacked by the Hamas. So, they're only defending their own people which is more than can be said for the Malaysian Government who only knowns how to PLAY politics day and night and point fingers.

I am getting so riled up as i blog this that my thoughts are getting so incoherent. How many more people need to lose their money, their belongings, get slashed and hurt by this stupid jerk criminals? Send them back to their countries where they belong! Inprison them! I mean, since Malaysian Goverment is so rich to imprison Raja Petra and Theresa when they've not hurt a single person, why not do something with these brainless people that are prauling about, hurting people and stealing their money?

WAKE UP lah Malaysia Ministers and politicians. Ask yourselves why Malaysians who go overseas don't want to come back! What benefit is there to come back Msia? What is there to be proud of?? Our canggihness in piracy? Our pirated latest movies, pirated goodies like Gucci bags? Our cops who takes bribe? Our ministers who argue in the parliament sessions like a bunch of babies and monkeys?

The sane people here in Malaysia are suffering at the inadequate and inefficient ruling of the Government who is by right, supposed to be representatives for the people. How many of you have friends or relatives or acquaintances that were victims?
Somethings needs to be done...


soolynnie said...

Damn it! I was so busy during CNy I only read ur blog now. Seriously, I'm so glad you are okay. Not injured kind. Snatch thieves deserve to be castrated. really.

goingkookies said...

tell me abt it. sad abt the demise of my sony ericsson G900i and Canon Ixus60 lor..

Ee Kay said...

I just happen to stumble on your blog while googling something.

Say, you want to support on the current movement against increasing street crime .. you may do your part in supporting these 2 most recent facebook pages. Link below

1)Malaysia Against Crime

2) Safer Malaysia