Saturday, January 24, 2009


To go at 11pm/12am or to go tmr 3-5am???

That's the argument my sis n bro were having earlier whilst deciding when to depart for Cameron Highlands- my dad's hometown. In between the
hoo haas, my mum kept calling each of us to bug us to pack up and bring half the house with us. God only knows for what reasons and what exactly is going through that mind of hers.

You see, my mum wants us to bring...
1) her sewing machine and box kit
2) 2 ovellettes just incase she wants to do baking
3) and of course with that, we need to bring her rice flours, plain flours, pineapple jams etc
4) wants us to bring curtains and clothes and what nots

and seriously... the list goes on!!

We have to keep reminding her that we're only going up in a car and not the van that we used to drive about!!! hehe.. such is the insane scenario that is constant in my life evolving around my family!

All i plan to do this CNY is to sleep, sleep and sleep! or perhaps catch up on my movies and series!! hehe. read my novels. basically, just take a break! and i just realise i don't have my trusted camera anymore to take pics, thanks to that idiot machan who snatched my handbag!

ok ok, so it's not definite if it was a machan snatch thief or whatever not... but i can bet with you that 99% of the chance that it is one of
them! ok ok i sound so freaking racist but i can't help it! =p look at our govt and how they handle themselves is just a testament of their intelligence!! maybe not the whole race, but the many that i ve met!

anyways, since it's CNY coming, one of the tradition is to speak of good thingsthat means...
"SEE no evil, HEAR no evil and SPEAK no evil!!! "

Hence, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all you gorgeous people out there and happy collecting ang pows!!! don't forget to collect one for me too!

Sadly, goodbye rat year and hello ox year. perhaps, this year will be the year for the rats.. or at least one of them! *wink*

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