Thursday, November 15, 2012

India Delights again !

Every time I crave for Indian food like Roti Canai or any curry dish, Mr. C and I will head to Rich Maha in Vermont South. After all, it's fairly nearby to where we lived. Plus, it has 80% likes on Urbanspoon (at the time this was posted).

However, we've been told umpteen times that we should patron India Delights 'cos the food is tastier. It has higher 'likes' on Urbanspoon garnering 88% favourites.

Something about a falling out - which seems to go with the territory of going into business often than naught - seeing the chef leaving Rich Maha and starting his own shop, India Delights.

Not too sure if the chef and those who worked there are originally from India but I highly suspect that they're most likely from Malaysia. Awesome Possum!! :)

We've been there once early on during the middle of the year but besides the iced horlicks, I wasn't that impressed. I thought the food was only alright leaving me to still be partial towards Rich Maha.

But you see, I've adopted this habit of not being quick to judge and to always, always give anything - if the first attempt was horrendous - a second attempt before deciding to call it quits.

And so, one fine Thursday evening saw us once again at India Delights in Forest Hill.

Eateries here do offer Mee Goreng but NEVER Maggie Goreng. Hence, I decided to give this a go here. I don't think it was too much to expect it to taste just like the one in Malaysia. However, it basically tasted just like Mee Goreng. Instead of the thick yellow noodles, they used maggie noodles.

What a bummer! At least, I had my teh tarik (basically, it's milk tea with a bit of froth due to the style of making the tea).

Nevertheless, the food was still enjoyable. Just not what I expect it to be. Mr. C as usual, had his rice with 2 veges and a curry fish.

But you know what, in the name of patrotism (LOLS), we will still patronised this eatery every once in awhile. And perhaps, I just haven't tried the dish they're famous for!

Roti Canai next up!!

India Delights on Urbanspoon

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