Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wedding Videographer

Due to some nonsense that I've exceeded my photo quota and hence, can't upload any photos unless I pay AUD2++ a month for 25GB, this is going to be an 'all words' post. It's been awhile.


We met when we were 16 year olds. Cutting the long and complicated story, short, Mr. C and I 'got together' and  started an exclusive relationship.

The years passed and...

On my 25th Birthday, Mr. C surprised me with a proposal; he flew home to Malaysia (where I was still living at that time) from Brisbane..

End of November 2010, we registered our marriage in a simple, civil ceremony in Brisbane (where we were living at that time).

17th of December 2012 saw us hosting our marriage blessing and luncheon at Oriental Banquet back home, in Malaysia!

Phew.... that sure is  alot of dates to remember.

And speaking of 17th December 2012. I am glad I chose to include a videographer to capture my Malaysia wedding last year. 

And Nigel is definitely worth every penny paid!! Now, I have DVD copies of my once-a-lifetime day that I can browse to jog my memory every once in awhile. :p

Nigel Sia of Nigel Sia Visual Storytelling was the official videographer for my friend's sister's wedding early 2011 (hope I got the date right). At that point, he was fairly new in the wedding industry (if I am not mistaken). His portfolio was good and I felt he had real potential to grow. Seeing that my wedding would only take place end of the year, giving him 10 months of extra experience, I booked him.

So, that's how I met or came to decide on the man, Nigel Sia for the job. I never regretted hiring him, not once, at all! He may appear young for a person of his profession but he was every inch a professional and handled Mr. C & my wedding efficiently all the way!

Secondly, what I have to say about his work.

Many people loved the  Save-the-Date clip he came up with for our wedding that we showed before our luncheon walk in. Clicked the link to have a look. We didn't even expect a clip of that sort, at all!

It was interesting 'cos he followed us during our casual pre-wed photoshoot which he included bits and pieces into our wedding highlights but we never really felt him filming at all. The angles, storyline as seem in the final footage for the 'Save-the-date- clip and the wedding day were just spectacularly well done!

Which reminds me, I really have to sit myself down and write a post, or a few, to commemorate my special day, in words.

I know, I know, I've been procrastinating and looked, it's going to be one year since that fateful day. However, it is better to be late than never, right? :)

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