Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Australia tennis open

Australia Open started on the 14th of January and it'll last till the 27th January. For the blur people (like me), Australia Open is one of the four major tournaments held annually in the last two weeks of January in Melbourne, Victoria.

There are four Grand Slam tennis events every year. Starting it off is the Australia Open followed by French Open (referred to as Roland Garos), the acclaimed Wimbledon and then the US Open. In Melbourne, it is a big event with throngs of people making Rod Laver Arena their second home during this two weeks of the year.

Around the city, there are open areas (such as South Bank along the Yarra River) with big screens showing the games live encouraging people to have a sit and be part of the tennis matches.

It also spurred my colleagues to play tennis after work.

My first time holding a tennis racket was last week. And gosh, the racket is SO frigging heavy that every single time I whack the ball, my wrist threatens to break. Which reiterates that I am swinging my racket wrong. SO very wrong.

In badminton, we use our wrists where else in tennis, we're supposed to swing our whole arms. Now I know why Miss CutieVoice plays badminton differently. She hits the shuttlecock the way you're supposed to hit a tennis ball.

Once Mr. C showed me the proper way to hold the racket and how to serve and swing, my game improved making tennis enjoyable.

But today, somehow, I just couldn't hit. I couldn't serve and I couldn't return someone else's serve which frustrated me a lot, sucking the fun out of the game. That being said, it's a really good way to exercise; running and swinging ones arms works out a lot of muscles in one's body.

Wonder if next week we'll still play once the tennis craze dies down. Maybe we should start back badminton. 
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