Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Movie Review} Les Miserable

Watched Les Misérables (based on the novel of same named by Victor Hugo) in Sydney with JennyT and PehPet (a girl I met during my Sydney trip) and I enjoyed much of the acclaimed musical in movie form. It didn't hurt to have bubble tea though it may me ran helter skelter for the loo halfway through, hoping I wouldn't miss anything important. 

We bought the buy '1 movie ticket & Chatime drink' for (I can't remember exactly) $18.50. A really good deal as movie tickets in Australia can be rather pricey unlike Malaysia's!

I do enjoy the occasional musical but did wonder if I could stand two and a half hours of non-stop singing in 2D form and not be bored. I decided to give it ago after hearing JennyT raved about it -Yup. She went to watch her second time with us - plus I had two movie kakis to go with!

For me, I enjoyed myself most times whilst some parts did seem to drag a little. JennyT and PehPet, on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the whole movie. You could hear PehPet laughing at the funny scenes and tearing at the poignant moments.

All in all, I would give it my thumbs up for all musical fans. 

If you're hoping for dashing glimpse of Hugh Jackman, then, this is NOT the movie for you 'cos he appears haggard and truly ugly in accordance to his role as a prisoner and then, ex-convict on parole.

The movie boasts of other well known actors such as Russell Crowe (he sings pretty alright for a person you never really gave a thought that he could), Amanda Seyfried (as Hugh Jackman's daughter) Sasha Bohen and Helena Bonham Carter.

And I reckon even the not-so-well-known Eddie Redmayne as Amanda Seyfriend's love interest is now pretty known. He isn't your typical 'ohmigosh. He is so cute!!' kind of guy. But his boyish charm definitely worms its way into your heart.

Éponine played by Samantha Barks was good in her own right. She is from the original cast (if not mistaken) and starred in the London production at the Queen's Theatre from June 2010 till June 2011. I love her in her character and am a hopeless romantic when it comes to the ultimate sacrifice she paid. You couldn't help sympathising and empathising with her.

Anne Hathaway as Fontine had very little screen time, I must say. She definitely impressed me with her live singing of 'I dreamed a dreamed' in the clip above. If you listen to the Youtube clip without watching the show (especially watching her facial expression that oozes with emotions), you wouldn't think her singing was that awesome.

Her stellar performance was just moving. You have to watch the movie to feel the depths of the song and how well she sang it. Listening to her rendition of this song calls out to my goosebumps to rise.

I reckon watching the show and hearing the casts sing live with emotion and gusto is essential to the watchable factor.

Definitely an 8 out of 10. What's your thoughts?

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