Friday, June 20, 2014

The Happy Wok in Bayswater

So, a new eatery has opened fairly nearby to where we live and it's Asian cuisine! 


Best part, it's Singaporean Food to boot! 

Ok. I must admit I assumed that Singaporean food is pretty much the same as Malaysian food. 

Well, guess what? It's not.

Yesterday after work, Mr. C and I went to The Happy Wok at Bayswater (less than 10minutes drive from Knox Mall now known as Westfield Knox Shopping Centre) for dinner and it was yum for our first visit! Patronising this shop definitely educates me on what Singaporean cuisine is all about.

Singapore Hokkien Prawn Mee

I was first introduced to this dish in 2008 when I was seconded to Johor to work whilst attached with KPMG Malaysia. I loved it then and I love it now. The best I've had so far is at Malaya Inn in Doncaster and this comes as a close second! :) 

In fact, this is yummier than some I've had in Singapore. 

Mr. C is now a fan of this dish that is made up of yellow noodle with vermicelli stir fried prolly with some prawn stock adorn with calamari rings and prawns. You know what makes this dish more awesome? The sambal chilli condiment that accompanies it- adds a kick to the dish and perfect for a brrrrrrr winter night.

Hae Mee is Hokkien dialect translated to mean Prawn Noodle 

Mr. C tried the Hae Mee and wasn't disappointed. It does look a bit different to the ones we were used to as it looked clearer and tastes more cheng (soothing or rather clear soup). The Hae Mee in Malaysia tend to be thicker brothed, murkier and a brighter shade of orange. This dish is a bit different yet tasty. I really enjoyed the melt in the mouth texture of the pork belly that was succulently juicy!

Black Rice Pudding $3.90

To finish off the night, I persuaded the hubby to let me try the Black Rice Pudding otherwise known to the Malaysian community as Orr Chu Bee (Hokkien dialect for Black Rice). I was immensely satisfied with this dessert. Sweet but not too sweet. And the coconut milk complimented the dish so well with its slightly salted flavour. I will definitely be back to have this again!

All in all, this was a pretty satisfactory meal. How can we not come back again for more? The Happy Wok, don't be surprise to see us grace your presence some time soon!

Besides that, the owners and/or people serving us are superbly welcoming and friendly.

I am sure being a new eatery they have room for improvement. So, feel free to add any constructive comments that can be edifying to assist The Happy Wok in lifting the bar higher in the quality of the food served.

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