Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Office prank


My fellow colleague, J from Engineering Department was away on holidays for two weeks. In the past few months, this Malaysian uncle in his 50's have been getting very cheeky with me. He says that I am the office punching bag which is a good thing because it means people like me. 

Say what??!

Hahahahahahaha.... I never knew being a punching bag is a compliment. 

With him being away, I had this awesome brainy idea to prank him - actually his desk. Sort of a way to show how much he is missed in office.

You see, I've received this office email prank in the past where the monitor, keyboard, pen, pencils, mouse were all foil wrapped! There were other crazier ideas such as toilet papering the whole work station and so on. 

I googled some pictures for you to have an idea what was racing in my mind. And the last picture you see would be what I did in the end which is probably a good thing because I wasn't too sure how sporting my colleague would be.

What others did...

What I did...

I was supposed to come in to office earlier but I overslept. How typical of me. And so, plan B was put in motion mid morning when Uncle J goes for his morning tea time with the other senior colleagues.

You would think the other guys (4 Malaysians and 2 Chinese from Estimating and Engineering Department) in my office would be siao (crazy) and join in the fun right? But nope. Straight as sticks, party poopers, that's what they are.

Chinese colleague even commented what a waste making me feel bad that I stopped after foil wrapping four items - spectacles, mouse, calculator and a pen. Gee... I had my mind set on wrapping the monitor and keyboard, too.

Anyways, it was all in the name of fun and J had a good laugh. And I was under the impression that anything worst then that might not have been so well received.


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