Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colourful Brighton Beach House

One of Melbourne's popular icon or must visit place would definitely be the Brighton Bath House aka Brighton Beach House aka Brighton Boat House. 

After a quick research, the right description would be BRIGHTON BATHING BOXES!

Many couples (mainly Malaysians that I know of) choose this place for one of their pre-wedding shoot location as it is picturesque and quirky - 82 colourful, vibrant bathing houses all lined up in a row by the beach.

Mr. C and I brought our two friends there two Saturdays ago. One year ago, we met this two adventurous ladies. One of them was my ex-KPMG colleague's sister-in-law. What makes them special or unique? Well, these gutsy ladies resigned from their steady jobs as lawyers in Malaysia to make their way into unexplored territory in Australia via work travel visa!

I mean, coming from Malaysia and coupled with Asian background, taking a gap year and/or resigning a job without securing another is a no no. What more to mention, resigning a stable job to go off to uncharted waters for a year of fun and a sea full of uncertainties. 

But they did it and with their parents blessings! Well, sort of and lots of trepidation. One girl's mother wasn't too keen but she just had to seize this opportunity!

The bathing houses are located just beside St Kilda Beach. Not exactly side by side, however, about 5-10 minutes driving distance along the Boulevard.

Location extracted from HERE just for you.

"Dendy Street Beach, Brighton is the home of the Brighton bathing boxes, a popular Bayside icon and cultural asset. It is approximately 13 km south of the City of Melbourne and is accessible by road, rail, bus and sea.

The nearest road intersection is Dendy Street and the Esplanade, Brighton (Melway Greater Melbourne map reference 67 C12/76 C1). Bayside City Council provide a user pay car park."

Pardon the gloomy looking pictures but it was a cloudy day and the skies threatened to cry! We were fortunate except for the strong gusts of wind...

And just like that, a year flew past. This was the end of their awesome journey in Aussie. As I type this, they have already gone home to Malaysia for good, back to all that is familiar and yet, not so anymore.

I really wish them all the very best readjusting back to 'reality' and my fervent wish for them is that the experience wasn't just all fun and games but that they brought home important, life changing experiences that helps them in their next journey in life. Who knows? Be a change in the Malaysian community. All it takes is a spark to spread the fire.

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